#WWRRM: Worldwide Recovery Recognition Month Declared in August 2017

That’s right!!

I am officially declaring the month of August to be worldwide Recovery Recognition month or #WWRRM.

Apparently in the USA, SAMHSA organization has their National Recovery month be in September–but I’ve come to find recently that there is no worldwide recovery recognition month, so I figured making a whole blog series about it would work! 😀

So, I’m going to need help from you guys! I want the month of August to be filled with our voices of recovery–of the struggles we’ve had, even the ones we’re still sifting through–and how we cope on a day to day basis. I want our voices to shine loud and proud as our SURVIVORS RADIATING BADASSERY is taken to a global stand!!

Spread the word, people!! And if you’d like to contribute, be a part of this movement or do anything else to help it grow, comment down below or send me an email at recoverytowellness@hotmail.com

I envision our recovery recognition (hmm, is #WWRM or #WWRRM better?) month to be bursting with stories–featured blog posts on this blog about stories of hope shining in the darkness, of sharing coping strategies, of reasons to live, of gratitude, of ARTWORK, of positivity, of compassion, of peer support, of LOVE and LIFE. 😀

Our mascot is officially going to be a unicorn (because unicorns are awesome). And our ribbon? Haven’t totally decided on that yet! But I’m thinking one arm of it will be silver. I’m also thinking of doing a tree within it, or a world on the middle, or the hashtag, or a universe/galaxy mix of colors or doing a symbol or I don’t know.

What do you guys think??

Also, when you share your stories, feel free to be as open or private about it as you want to be. This blog of mine is public, so be aware of that. You can give yourself a pseudonym, that’s totally fine. 🙂

BONUS: Here is a website I found last night about the popular ribbon colors and PATTERNS and symbols that already exist. I know we’re extra special people so we’re gonna want something different, unique, yet also simple enough to reproduce.


AND this is recovery from mental health and substance use where applicable. 🙂

Come on my worldwide buddies, let’s make this a fanciful pursuit!! 😀


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


Not Maybe, But Definitely

Daily Prompt = Maybe

The world has gone on long enough

Treating the mentally ill awful and rough.

From mocking our symptoms

To dismissing us as self-proclaimed victims.

We huddle in our corners

Isolated and grieving like mourners.

Cut off from the world

Our damaged souls frayed and furled.

We want to come out

And shout all about

“Look at me! Look at me!

I exist, don’t you see?”

Why do you choose

To turn your back on us like we are an unlit fuse?

“Can’t you see? Can’t you see?

All that you are doing to me?”

Your eyes are glued to the skies

The clouds not parting, muffling our cries.

“How can’t you hear me? How do you not care?”

“No!” You snap back. “I do care–I just cannot bear–“

“Bear what?” We reply. “This is our burden to carry.”

“Maybe,” you mutter, “but it is too often scary.”

“It is scary because you do not understand!

The light that scatters through us, falling like sand!”

“And how am I to know,

If you are strong enough or to fall like snow?”

“Because we are mighty and strong!

We sing our beautiful survivor song!”

“A song you sing? What is this you speak of?”

“Listen well, and you will see our love–

We sing of courage, of strength and light,

We sing long into the prowess of night!

We are human and we feel

That our experiences are very real.

We may cry, we may linger

We may stumble along like a make believe figure.

But we are tough–in body and in mind

And we will stand no longer for you to be unkind.

We demand our powerhouse to be seen.

Our voices linger and they are not keen

On being silenced and hidden for any longer

Maybe this is something you should ponder

We are ill in mind

And while you may be blind,

It does not make us broken,

Rather allows us to be spoken–

That we are not alone

And that we shall be known

As gladiators. As warriors. As fighters.

Some of us may even be writers.

We are strangers no more,

Doctors, artists, professionals galore!

We have degrees,

This we shall decree!

We are just like you,

Similar, but with a different view.”

“I–I see,” you stammer “there is more of you than just one.”

“Why, but of course, my friend. Why ever would there be none?”

“I…still do not completely understand what it is you see

How you can live this life and just be.”

“It is through time

And much patience that we develop our climb

Yet it is worthwhile for us to find our hope,

To believe in a better tomorrow and positively cope.

Our journeys may be chaotic,

But to some of us, we smile and say ‘exotic’.

And with resiliency we manage to live,

With meaning and purpose we choose to give

To those in our community who still struggle

And for those of you who have yet to juggle

What it is like to be sick,

With no choice allowed to pick

What it is that inflicts us,

So thus,

We ask to be shown patience in kind,

For us to learn and find

What it means to be happy to be alive,

For we may always strive

To live a life worth living,

For you to be forgiving,

And for us to be proud,

That we’ve been allowed,

To bring life to another day

Where eventually we are okay.

Strength Comes Only After the Storm’s Gone | SADIJ3 Day #14

Chosen Song:

Cry by Jamestown Story


Chosen Lyrics: (ALL OF THEM)

Tell me what’s wrong, tell me why you’re broken
come here for a moment, I’ll wrap you up in my arms
So talk, I’ll only listen
and should you lose control of that lump in your throat

Just go on and cry, let it all out
Hold on to me tight, surrender your pride
Go on and cry

Pain, the hurt has taken over
so bring on those teardrops, and I’ll be the shoulder
strength comes only after the storm’s gone
there’s no use in hiding the thunder and lightning

It’s funny how you realize after it’s over
the one thing you needed was to lose your composure
hold on real tight, go on and cry

Connection to the song:

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another SADIJ3! Tonight’s post is brought to you by Jamestown Story, which I fell in love with coincidentally from loving the musical talent and singer’s voice in a song I’ll mention down below! (It’s very depressing and is about suicidality so be warned about that! It’s a song to listen to when you feel alone, to remind you that others have felt the way you have before, too, and that the unspoken rule is that it DOES GET BETTER, so listen to other songs within this series to get yourself upright again!)

But yeah, I found this song by this band and really loved the message behind it and how it was written and the music of it, too. Basically, all of the lyrics are used here because the song is just THAT GOOD and I couldn’t piece out little bits, ALL OF IT IS IMPORTANT. And is a good reminder piece for those of us who may struggle with showing our vulnerability–maybe I will do some commentary in the future on Brene Brown’s vulnerability TED talks and other mental health related TED talks…sounds like a plan! I’ll file them under Film/Misc. Reviews, which I still need a folder for on the bottom of my blog… I’ll work on it! 🙂

Any who, here is the other song I mentioned at the start and a couple of honorable mentions:

Honorable mentions:

Chosen lyrics for “Nothing’s Forever”:


I don’t know when, I don’t know how
but that was then and this is now

So baby if we’re going down I don’t wanna remember
that I was there to watch us fall and learn that nothing’s forever

Yeah I don’t wanna lose it all I wanna get it together
but I know it’s gonna get much worse before it’s gonna get better

That was then, this is now
I don’t know when, I don’t know how
I don’t know if I’ll survive but God I’ll try


Chosen lyrics:

You keep on running, no direction in your steps

Show me something, something you have left

I think you’re gonna hurt someone

If you keep running away, you keep running away

You’re gonna hurt someone

If you don’t change

I always enjoyed the bold bits above here, as I relate to them in the sense of self-harm and trying to run away from problems when really it just makes things worse! 😦 😛

Chosen emoticon:

💋💋💋= kissing lips!

Thanks for reading and viewing, everyone!! (I’ll be doing an update post about the posts/drafts process I have left, as I’ve gotten a lot done!! YAY!)

Emergency Vet

Life Update Thumb

Hey everyone!

Just a more general life update again. I don’t have much to say today and am feeling pretty lazy and tired. So, I figured I’d get my post out of the way today and just write a little bit rather than waiting for later and being either too tired to write or still not having much to say.

So that was HOW this post started out at around 1p this afternoon. What transpired afterward is what gave this post its new title and why I’m writing it so late again.

So, Mocha was outside for maybe half an hour in the shade mostly on this uberly humid/hot day. When she came back inside she had a little bit of water but was starting to over salivate. She had a couple of pieces of cantaloupe (not my doing) and then her over salivating was definitely OVER SALIVATING because she was drooling all over the place–getting it on her soggy paws, her lips and chin, her body and the couch’s blankets. Then she puked, twice.

Naturally, I had the cognitive distortion of catastrophizing and thought it might be heatstroke or her overheating (and I tried Googling information on what to do about it, because she was unnaturally hot when she came inside) and then was super concerned she was going to die on me, so I started crying and freaking the fuck out and packed my backpack to head out to bring her to the emergency animal hospital.

But, in my doing so, I slipped down ALL of the stairs on the short landing and saved my back a lot more pain by having on my backpack. (Seriously, that thing saved my ass!) Except my actual ass got a little bit of a beating.

Any who, Mocha was getting weak and such so my Dad and I wound up bringing her to the vet nearest to us (after calling ahead and all that jazz).

Well, 4 hours later and $175 out of our pockets, she was doing better on her own. They think she might have eaten something she shouldn’t and got sick because of that. Not an allergic reaction because there was no swelling and they didn’t really mention heat stroke and her vitals were fine.

She held in her pee like a trooper, too!

She was pretty tired this evening afterwards (legit, we were gone from 3p-6:30p) though she did eat her late dinner.

After that, I later on fed Galaxy too and cleaned up his wheel–despite us no longer having any paper towels–and now I’m writing this post sweating my ass off at almost 10:30 at night.

I’m going to be heading to sleep soon, after I watch some slime videos, planner it out and then just snooze for the rest of the next 9 hours.

All is well again on the home front, although the escapade pretty much demolished my plans for the weekend. I was going to bring Mocha into doggy playtime tomorrow but now I’m not so sure. And my Mom’s pulling a mood so she doesn’t want ME to go either. Ugh.

On the bright side, I’m probably going to hang out with Kaiden so that’s cool.

I’ll be trying to devise some type of structure for myself. Until tomorrow and certainly after I kill this black spider, see ya peeps!!

❤ ❤ ❤

PS It probably didn’t help that I was sorta watching a Youtuber discuss his 2 year old puppy’s passing away this afternoon. Mmm, no, probably not.

PPS I also was forced to keep that backpack in the car when we got to the animal hospital which sucked doubly because then I had no phone and no ability to cope. Fucking thanks. Other than being immensely bored, it went all right. Felt unproductive as FUCK but all right, nonetheless.

Creating Structure

A Prompt from this Week >> Disastrous

Structure. To those of us living with mental health conditions, structure is often a critical force to be reckoned with. We often need structure in our lives otherwise we wind up too much in our own minds, and that can lead to dangerous situations and disastrous outcomes.

So how do we begin to structure our time?

First, it’s good for us to have an outlet for creating our structure. A structure for the structure, so to speak.

For almost two weeks, I’ve taken a liking to the stationery I’ve got from Target that has a daily schedule (8am – 9p), priorities and notes section. Examples will be shown below. The way I’ve gotten it to work is by writing in pencil what I think I’ll be doing during selected hours (and even writing tasks in multiple blocks, so that I’m being flexible and realistic rather than rigid and not adaptive) and then going back later in pen what I actually wound up doing.

It was definitely easier doing this when I was going to the partial, as this is my first day without it, but I have a couple of exercising ideas to keep me up and active and not falling asleep with Mocha on the living room floor. 🙂 (Such as walking and bike riding).

I would also fill out a Weekly to do list with about 10 goals, must do’s and later on’s.

Here is what those look like:


This helps me to focus myself on what I want to get done overall in the week, what little notes to remind myself of and building in these goals to my daily structure/goals.

Here’s a slideshow of my daily sheets:

A couple of them are a little blurry, sorry about that. :3 They end on Tuesday since that was the initial day I was going to write this post! ^^’

It’s also helpful to put into the blocks of time when you need to eat and take your meds.

It’s also important and great self-care to schedule in an hour of reward time or me time each day. 🙂

I also started to score my day last Saturday and have been keeping up with that all right.

Soon, I want to also add filling out workbooks to my list as well as doing better with reading. Maybe this weekend, even. 🙂 For the reading. Hehe


That’s about all I’ve got for now, TV and music going makes it a little hard to focus. >_<

See you guys tomorrow for another post!


A Letter to Suicidality: Shut the Fuck Up

Dear Suicidality,

You come in many forms. You have the ability to affect ANYONE in the world. You make people grieve, you take away the lives of those who have so much impact in this world, you make people mourn, you take away the fact that life will and DOES get better, you make me want to hurt myself, you make me feel pain and you create so much more pain in your destructive path.

Dear Suicidality,

You do not discriminate. You will impact anyone and everyone. Any person with low or high socioeconomic status. Any celebrity or ordinary civilian. Any person black, white, Asian, Hispanic. Any person child, teenager, young adult, older adult, elderly. Any person of any gender. Minorities, majorities. People are killed off by you who pass me by on the street with a smile on their face. People are killed off by you who are so optimistic, who are so filled with joy when the pain isn’t overbearing, who are filled with life, until you come into play. People are killed off by you when you slide into their brains. When you become more than just a passing thought, when you seem to become a viable option–the ONLY option there appears to be. People are killed off by you because you plant dirty, ugly seeds into their minds and taint their hearts. People who were once sparkling and shiny become what they believe to be dark shadows, ghosts of their former selves, a hopeless cause.

You make them think they are worthless, that they don’t matter, that there’s no purpose for them. You make people think they have to suffer in silence. You make people think that no one cares about them. That the girl at the cash register is not touched by your kind spirit, that the compliment you gave the bus driver won’t change their day, that the causes you help volunteer at won’t need you so you might as well be gone.

You are cruel, Suicidality, you are cruel. You distort our minds and those around us are left wondering why we died.

You hide our pain behind blankets of saddened smiles. You hide our pain when we are begging for help but are too afraid of the stigma to show it. You hide our pain when society tells us that we are “weak” when in actuality, in REALITY, we are STRONGER than we think and we are STRONGER than we feel.

Because we are WARRIORS. We are SURVIVORS. We face every day that comes to us with the bravery that few else possess.

Cancer’s one thing, but mental health struggles is a whole other matter.

So, why, Suicidality, do we not talk about you? Why does this society shove you into a corner, thinking that we’re “selfish”, that we’ve “committed” an act of “cowardice”, that we deserve to be “silenced”, that we are “nothing”, that we have “no place in this world if we’re to just bring pain onto those around us”?

Well, Suicidality, society is WRONG.

None of our warriors “commits” suicide. Suicide is not a crime. Suicide is an act, a choice to act. Society is wrong to share the explicit details of how we lost yet another life to suicide. Because copycat suicides can occur–and we need to better protect those of us survivors out there that are vulnerable. Because there are evil people in the world who will make suicide a game, and we need to heighten our defense’s to combat their bullshittery.

Because YOU are wrong, Suicidality.

Because there IS HOPE.



Because suicide ENDS the chances for life to ever get better. And it WILL get better.

Because just as there are many options in the store to buy socks–patterned socks, colored socks, knee high socks, little socks–there are many options in life, too.

Because NO ONE deserves to suffer in silence.

Because it’s UP TO US to break the stigma. To end the silence. To save lives.

Because you don’t have to die by suicide. It is NOT how your story ends.

Because we mourn each and every life that gets taken by suicide. Celebrity or not. Named or not. Known or unknown. We feel the losses. We feel the hurt. We feel the pain. And we aspire to do better, get better and help better. We aspire to heal and to provide light in the darkness. We aspire to be together, not separate and alone.

Because the conversation does not end here. It goes on and on, fighting for a space in the spotlight, away from the shadows, no longer ashamed, no longer hidden, because only in shame and silence will suicide be perpetuated. Only in shame and silence will mental health conditions continue to overtake people’s lives.

Because we’re here, in this community, to make a difference.

And it all starts with you.

You have a choice, now. Which one will you make?


To those who are suffering with suicidality in the USA, call 1800 273 TALK. Text START to 741 741. Or email me here, or tweet at me.

There ARE resources available. I highly encourage you, before you take your own life and have no ability to change your mind, to call a friend, a hotline and go to the nearest emergency room for a brief inpatient stay. From someone who just spent a month in this process, I can tell you that today, right now, I’m glad to be alive. Please, give yourself this opportunity to feel the same, too.

Please share this post. Spread the word. Talk about suicide prevention. Because Suicidality needs to be told to shut the fuck up, and there are ways to do so.

For resources worldwide to hotlines, check out this page: International Association for Suicide Prevention

For resources at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: AFSP Resources

To all those we lost this year to suicide, this is in your honor. Including all those names we know of and those we have no connection to. In the loss of life to suicide, we are always connected. You were warriors until the very end. You fought for life for so very long, I don’t agree with what you did, but I understand it. I’ve been there, too. I’m glad to be alive, today.

For more posts on suicide prevention, check out my blog’s archive. As well as music for mental health. You will find Day #2 has a tribute, unbeknownst at the time, to Linkin Park.

Choose life, you guys. It takes work, and you can get better again.


Stay safe. ❤ ❤ ❤

2 Weeks of Daily Blogging: Complete!

Because this post is STILL easier to plan/write with my tired brain than my twice delayed post.

So, a reflection.

It’s been officially two weeks since I started daily blogging. We’ve essentially had a mixture of everything in those two weeks: Book reviews, daily prompts, mental health chats, stationery hauls, changes, life updates, galore!

What’s happened behind the scenes includes my making more new card slides for future posts/topics.

And apparently my creating stickers for myself and ordering them through Vistaprint.


I question ALL of my decisions. ON THE PLUS SIDE–they’re blog related? 😀 *guilty and happy grin* And maybe one pen, too. BUT BLOG PROMOTION I TELL YE! I know a few places I could use it already…. :3

I still have to add my card to it, though, so that’s the hold up on that front. I really need to stop buying shit, but it’s under $15 as my justification goes. O_o


But yes, two weeks of blogging. It’s impressive for sure, this is the longest I’ve gone ever. I really, really want to do my structure blog post soon, so I’ll make room for that tomorrow.

For now, I’m skipping dishes duty this evening, going to finish my schedule and order those stickers of mine….for promotion of course. And maybe journal and DEFINITELY go to sleep. So tired. GWAH.

I almost worry that I’ll run out of content to say during the next two months (that’s how long I intend to daily blog then go down through the semester) but as my lists show so far, nah, not gonna happen.


I’ll write up a better reflection in the future. Gotta make sure I don’t blog past eight at night. *yawns*.


Night peeps!!


**PS: I’ve decided that I don’t NEED these stickers and pen for promotional purposes RIGHT NOW so I will order them either as a reward for myself, after I get textbooks, in August or as a little birthday gift. :3 That way I can space it out more and maybe find an even better deal or how to tutorial elsewhere. 🙂 YAY PROBLEM SOLVING

Recovery Restoration Volume #1 | Project Day #2

I was going to go with another post this evening, but again I am writing late and therefore just want to get something quickly jotted down so I can sleep instead. 😛

Therefore, this is Day #2 of the Recovery Restoration project. This project is about art therapy, mindfulness and peer support by corroborating pro-recovery artwork from individuals telling their recovery journey from mental health conditions and or substance use disorders that would be compiled into a photo album and donated to inpatient units. 🙂 Essentially.

Welcome back, then, to day #2!

Today’s piece is on:

IMG_7568 Upd

Drawing created 6/12/2015

The background/behind the scenes information:


That’s about all I can function for this post. ❤ More revised and better versions to come in the future. And earlier, earlier blogging for sure.

Goo night folks! 😉 ❤ ❤


Tired Rambles

Life Update Thumb

Another late evening! I meant to do this blog post earlier but things 
derailed a little bit. :S As such, you're pretty much getting my brain
when super tired, so everything may not make much sense, it'll be rushed
and just pretty general. I'm not up to making epiphanies at the moment. 

I mainly just want to sleep. I'm also pretty hot, so maybe I'll drink some 
more water before I fall asleep. 

I also still have to change into my PJ's. 

The scheduling and planning the day for structure has been going well.
I was looking forward to writing and sharing that as a post today, but
tomorrow will have to do. :3 

Today I stopped by CVS to get some envelopes which two are really pretty
(and expensive) while one is cheap, but they're like bubbled envelopes
not just card envelopes. I'm hoping I can find some card envelopes instead,
relatively soon. For now though, it'll be bubbled envelopes. ^^' 

On the bright side, I had a SPECTACULAR morning today. I was really happy 
with all my new stationery and I found out that one of the new gel pen
colors I got is like a flesh tone so I can use that to draw people when
doing IOS or just drawing in general. :) 

I've actually been doing quite a lot of IOS lately, which is great because 
I want to continue making my compilation videos on my Youtube channel about
them. And, I really need more content. Hah. 

I've been wanting to make bracelets every day now, but haven't been able to.
I did actually change my coping box with a scrapbook box, so that's good.

I'm hoping to trade in batteries I got tomorrow at the store so that I can 
use some more of my fancy string lights. :) 

I've been terribly exhausted lately as I've been cutting away the naps 
during the day and going to sleep later (around 10p). It's awful. 
Today I was so tired when I went outside during break, I snoozed (and got
in trouble for it later) on the bench until they came out to get me. :/ 
I did IOS after to try and forget about it and let it go (and to keep me 
distracted and free and because I wanted to) yet it still stuck with me a 
bit. :P 

I found some nice scrapbook pages, stickers, washi tape and other coping 
knick knacks that I'd forgotten about and have since rearranged into my 
newer coping box. 

I think I'll head to sleep now as I'm very tired. I just wanted to make a 
post for today and this shall suffice. 

Hope you guys are well! <3 <3 <3 Much love, my friends.

With Change Comes Opportunity

Stationery Haul THUMB

Welcome everyone to a LATE night blog post, but it’s STILL Sunday so it counts! 😀 I did NOT have any plans, even through my exhaustion, to miss out on a blog post. Gotta get in the blog post!

Any who, so I decided to make this thumbnail for the stationery haul series. 🙂 I’ve also made one for book reviews and one for SAD (song a day).

Firstly, I want to talk a little about change.

I’ve officially started to change my car keys. With what? Or, how so?

I got this fancy rainbow keychain today at Target:


It’s a rainbow Yoobi keychain. It’s a nice material, like hard foam. And it’s an appropriate color-themed rainbow (some rainbow plushies at Michael’s were not). What I’ve done now is add this rainbow keychain to my car keys.

I used to always have this red CPR mouth guard pouch as my grabby rectangle for my car keys. Now, though, I’m changing it up. I can use this rainbow thing instead. AND I will be looking with my eye open for other keychain good deals that are cute, in style (for myself) and things that I enjoy! 🙂

There’s a $4 unicorn head plush key chain at Michael’s too, maybe I’ll go back and invest in it, I’m not sure. Apparently unicorns and rainbows are IN right now (pffst, they should ALWAYS be). On my car keys though, before I get off subject, I recently added this year my Pokemon Pikachu pop out (it goes from colorless to colored when you pull it up). Then I had also added a Thomas Crane Library card. My other library card has been on there forever. My CVS card is there. And I’ve gotten rid of the Walgreen’s one (I never use Walgreen’s anymore). And of course the house key and the car keys/unlocking ability.

My point is, change can be positive, exciting and something to look forward to rather than always dreading it.

I should know, I used to HATE change.

But, if I think about it, every time I buy new stationery, that’s buying CHANGE. Which, in retrospect I likely need to invest more rather than purchasing things but that’s another problem for another post. I don’t know, it’s an interesting food for thought, I think. 🙂

I also got those three gel pens and these Yoobi gel pens too:


I’m thinking I can try these babies out while I try and order more Yummy Yummy gel pens from Amazon. (Also, if you know of any stores/ideas of good, awesome key chains, let me know in the comments!!)

I ALSO got this amazingly spectacular pen that is SO ME:


It’s an ICE CREAM CONE PEN! It writes in black and is actually super light weight. I can’t wait to use it in partial tomorrow. :B

The other things I got included (all of this was $24 just under my budget of $25!):


4 unicorn, rainbow, hearts, hello and stars pencils. 4 cats, dogs, bones, paw prints pencils.


Pretty cheap scrapbook paper for a small set!


Cute stationery from Target with a gorgeous floral pattern and surrounding a “mirror” of lines. 🙂

I ALSO recently purchased (yes, I DO have a problem) a notebook for where I will be organizing and re writing all my therapy notes into (from partial and such) that I want to organize for when I BLOG about them, as that’s what this blog is ALL ABOUT. 🙂 Here’s how that looks:


Surprisingly enough, that is actually ALL that I’ve got this past week. I just have to finish my schedule for tonight and then I am off to sleep! It’s 11p here now, so I should be heading to sleep now. Today’s been a snoozer of a day, but I got to hang out with Kaiden which was super fun! 🙂 I also found a cafe that is open in town that I’ll probably hang out more in this summer.

I finished reading a book yesterday, too. And as an alternate update, my Mom did in fact fracture her wrist so she’s having to get a cast in a few days. I actually think it may turn out to be good for me by making me more efficient and responsible.

I’m also creating a scoring section for my day (you know, like a rate your day scale) and yeah! There’s SO MUCH MORE I could say, but for now, I’ll end it here. I have an idea (stationery and planners) for tomorrow’s post, or I may do something completely different!

As I always say at the end of my IOOV presentations:

Imagine you are in a store shopping. You’re gazing at all the different types of socks–long ones, short ones, plaid ones, multi-colored ones, designs, patterns, etc. Remember that just like when you go shopping, life is filled with many options. It’s up to you which ones you choose. ❤

Night, folks!! ❤ ❤

Of Fractured Moments

Life Update Thumb

Hey guys! Another life update here! This is awesome, TWO posts in two days? SNAZZINESS!

Other then needing to have a bathroom break right now and being sore in my lower back, I am doing pretty darn great!

I went to the family reunion at the beach with my parents and it went very swimmingly. No one asked about my missing brow which is pretty great, and Mocha came along, too! Maybe I can upload some of her single shot pictures later, I’ll mark it on my to do list!

Getting to blog is a great end of the day relaxation kind of thing.

Unfortunately, my Mom MAY have fractured her wrist from playing volleyball. So, that sucks and is a predicament for us all. :S Know your limits, is the phrase I’ve got stuck in my brain about the matter. Sigh.

I’m hanging out with my friend Kaiden tomorrow, though! It’s going to be tricky because I’ll be out for a few hours so I’ll probably put Mocha in the crate when I go to the doggy playtime at 10a and then go to Michael’s arts and crafts store and meet Kaiden there and be back home round 1p. So then take out Mocha from there and then try and give her a bath with my friend. 🙂 So yeah!

Then Mocha has a vet appointment on Monday and I’ve got partial and my Mom’s probably gonna need to go to the doctor’s… yeah. O_o

On the bright side, I totes got a couple of pictures of Mocha in the crate on the way there AND I have only 20 pages left of the book I’m reading! YAY! I can’t wait to start new ones! I have to renew my other ones though, too. :B

I’m working on some other cards now for other series. 🙂 The TV is playing which is a little distracting but that’s my update for today. Things will be different around the house for the next few months for sure. We’ll see how that goes. At least my hands and wrists are a’okay!

Thank you for reading!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Teachable Moment #7 | Art Therapy Series

Who remembers THIS series? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah, I know, it’s been a long while, but I’m set on finishing this series and continuing my others! (This is totes a bonus post I found in my drafts section).

Number 7:


In this art therapy assignment, we were asked to draw our shield and then asked a bunch of questions that I have my responses to and will have to use these as ways to decipher what the fuck it was I was asked to begin with XD

So here’s what I did, and what it all means!

First I drew a shade of red to symbolize the graduate student I was seeing at the time. 😀

Then I drew the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D symbol as best as my memory allowed–because YES MCU! (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Then I drew my teddy bear/doggo bear that I hold onto tightly when I go to sleep or when I used to be in the fetal position.

For the writing portions, here is what I have written down:

We’ll just assume it makes sense, by the way.

  1. I had a goal of improving myself and my life and getting into recovery.
  2. Overcome OCD & Depression, put them in their places and rise above them. To live again.
  3. Favorite food: Mango sherbet
  4. Biggest achievement: being president of the photography club at college
  5. Best qualities: I’m caring and dedicated
  6. Things I enjoy: photography and bracelet making
  7. Qualities I look for in others: compassion and empathy
  8. Phrase that speaks to you: Stay safe
  9. Music: Ingrid Michaelson – Keep Breathing, It’s gonna be all right by Sara Groves, Home by Phillip Phillips
  10. When I’m happy I…. have a camera in my hands
  11. What inspires me: People who have gone through or are struggling with mental illnesses …. and I can’t read what the rest of that says. XD

All of this art therapy series was from March 2015. I believe I have ONE more left to complete this hospitalization’s series which is from my second one. THEN I CAN DO ALL THE OTHER TEACHABLE MOMENTS. 😀

I will go to creating more cards for these posts, too. 🙂


I hope you’ve found this interesting and if you’d like some nostalgia with this series, check out the ‘Teachable Moments’ folder at the bottom of this blog’s page! 😀 I’ll be on the hunt for finding out which is the last picture in the series, too.

I’ll have another life update post maybe after this, too.

See ya guys! ❤ ❤ ❤