Finding My Way

Hello again!

Remember, I’m still new to this whole blogging thing, so it may take me a little while of experimenting before I find my niche and what it is I want to be doing. =]

IMG_2201 Upd

For now, I want to share some of my artwork onto this new page. The image above is a new painting I did back on May 4th 2016, I believe. It is titled “Written In the Sky”.


Next is this photo:

IMG_1637Which I took back on May 3rd 2013. It’s the spring blooming tree outside our old science building at the UMB campus.

Another piece:

IMG_00002308 Upd

A positive message I gave to myself in March 2016. That month I gave out 49 of them to random people.

Part of this post is totally me fiddling with and learning how this blogging stuff works. 😀 Like accidentally posting before I was finished writing, ahaha.

Duality Upd - 2.17

An IOS from February 2016, the left is somewhat faded but states ‘I Matter’ and the right states ‘Courage + Strength’. I used scented, sparkling gel pens to achieve these.

“Stay safe. Hold onto hope. This crisis will pass. It gets better. Choose Life. Please Live. Feelings are temporary.”

The above quoted statements are from one of my Mass Media articles about positive music and phrases that have been crucial to my recovery journey.

Sweet! I found the text color thing!

IMG_1605 Upd

A drawing I began as a vent when I was stressed out at the start of the semester, which gradually turned positive as I received help in real life and then added that positive breach into the drawing itself. ❤

IMG_7396 Upd

Some bracelets I made in 2015. Featuring my favorite phrases =] I still wear these, although I’m not at this moment, today.

I’m basically attempting to mash together all of my different artwork into this post. We have a couple left…

The Highest Peak - 4.24

This is some work that I’ve recently begun dabbling in within the month. Just playing around with photos and encouraging messages, both of which are mine! =]

And lastly, for now, some coloring:


What a joy it is to color! I also realized a few moments ago there IS a document option, hooray! I am excited for this new and adventurous journey! =]

❤ Stay safe!!


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