That’s Okay!

A beautiful post about self-love, positive coping strategies and giving ourselves a break when we are struggling! A must read. =]

Living as a One in Four

I’m not in a place where I am able to articulate for you today, and that’s okay. I’m allowed to have these days, the trick is, to know that!

Sometimes we need compassion and that must start from within, if we can’t be kind to ourselves sometimes we are never going to feel we deserve it from others. It’s not about telling yourself “you’re beautiful” or anything like that it’s just about noticing things you do to make yourself feel less… Umm… Shit! (I told you, today is not a good one for my vocabulary). Noticing them, and not feeling like you have to do something different. Here’s some things I let myself do today after a hard morning at therapy.

Take a nap.

Take a long bath.

Not do any housework.

Cry. A lot.

Play my ukelele.

Listen to music.

Cry some more.

Watch lots and lots of YouTube.

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4 thoughts on “That’s Okay!

    • So true! I didn’t write these fabulous words above, although eventually it shall be seen that I’ve written similar, at least on the subject matter! The self-love article I wrote for our school newspaper took me many edits to write before I got it to be where I was okay with it being!

      And yes, very true! As I was just reading from another post, we can’t block out negative emotion without also blocking out positive emotion. I find myself that doing a little self check-in helps, like when I’m showing more signs of stress, then I can tell oh right, I haven’t had much to eat or slept much and ah yes I’m also feeling sad or lonely etc. It’s an important thing to keep track of!

      Thank you for the comment!! =]

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