Healthy Working Through

Daily Prompt: Healthy

What comes to my mind today with this topic relates to procrastination, of which I am doing still as of right now. Interestingly enough though, I did come across a blog post that featured Japanese tea house practices like wabi and sabi which is the paper that I’m not writing as of right now and the past few days. But makes me think about it more, and how I need to go write that….like, now.

But let me discuss this partially, okay? That’s all I ask for. A few moments, up until 4:00p.

So I’ve got a paper to write. And two finals to study for as well. And what did I do? I made a blog. Completely unrelated. Fun, yes. Interesting, yes. Helpful, I hope so!

But here I am. On a blog, blogging it up, joining the blogging party. So far it’s been nice. I got bored a couple of times and so went to find other people to chat with (as I still don’t know the blogging etiquette of this site or blogging in general – I should look that up next). I would like to talk more with you peoples. You’re all pretty snazzy in your own way. It’s refreshing. =]

Let’s toss in a photo, here, shall we?

IMG_2160 Upd

An acrylic painting for the display alcove in my teahouse project. See, I’m being relevant =D

So what do I need to do with my paper? A good question, self, a good question. Now I have written out a little of a brainstorm idea. And if I could write 4 pages today that will be good. I likely have to accept that the paper’s draft is going to be chaotic and explosive, and that’s okay. I’ve just got to work on getting the ideas down on paper – the research part and finding two other articles for the research part – as well as working with the text I do have and plowing through the ideas I have with the physical project and the alterations I want to make with it for the paper as well.

See? I’m brainstorming. This isn’t so bad. I just gotta remain calm and plan it out. That’s how I’ll keep my brains together. *nods*

I like working on building up my audience here, so far. I have been needing to implement some self-care basics though, like reminding myself that I’m not responsible for what other people do with their lives beyond this website. And that the first person I need to take care of is myself. And then just practice letting go of others’ situations and carrying on doing what I can to bring this blog to life and empowering others out there to use some of the tools I provide in their own recovery journeys. All I can do is be there for each of you, and I don’t mind that, in fact, I’m volunteering for it. I’d like to be there for you if you need me. So don’t be second guessing it, if you need to talk, shoot me a message. I’ll do my best to respond, that’s all I can promise. ❤ I’m good with asking re-directing questions. Trust me 😉

IMG_00002275 Upd

To all my new followers out there! Enjoy this positive message example ❤ Yes, it’s a dragon 😉

It’s time for me to go work up on my outline. Find those other articles and OH SHIT I wonder if I could use a mindfulness article! FUCK YEAH I’M SMART. I may want to build other resources but maybe I can include that within my work…. This could become very, very interesting. Well, my due date is Tuesday morning before I see a friend of mine. So, that’s what I have to work with, good or bad.

I’ll update you guys when I’m able. Oh gosh, accountability and everything.

This has been a healthier post by me! Also, I finally realized how to make the schedule posts work ahaha. I made a whoopsie the other day XD (apparently you have to actually hit the schedule button XD)

Take care you guys!! I’ll see you later on tonight. ❤ ❤ ❤

I believe in all of you to make a sweet, amazing recovery!

God damn it I forgot my title! XD

Fly Higher Than -4.24

Motivational message. ❤

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