Staying Level-headed

Hello again!

You may have just seen my appearance in another short poem I wrote for the daily prompt. If so, awesome! If not, go check it out! =]

Overall, it’s been a sweeping kind of past few days. By that well, I lost my iPod today! Isn’t that just swell? I’m hoping some kind soul at school, where I believe I lost it, has found it and brought it into the lost and found. I have to wait until tomorrow at about 9a before I go searching for it, and I’m hoping I find it. If not, it may be a week or so of waiting, and by that point I’m surely going to lose the rest of my marbles, but I’m also trying to stay level-headed, because of course the OCD is just murmuring about how this makes life ever so pointless and meaningless and I might as well relapse and scratch myself or stick a bag over my head… *sigh* Yeah, great ideas, OCD, great ideas.. *rolls eyes*

So instead of freaking out about that too much, I’m trying to keep an eye out for the bright side. Maybe I’ll find it tomorrow. Maybe someone nice found it. Maybe it’s okay wherever it is. Maybe a bus driver found it?

I feel a twinge of sadness and exasperation at having to rebuild all my songs and playlists though, if it turns out I can’t find it… Especially my CL;MA playlist… the thought of losing something so close to me is horrible. I can relate now to someone who posted about their headphones dying while they were at school now. I feel you bro, I feel you. *sad fist bump*

I’m also tired as well. And I had dreams about the OCD and suicidality last night so that kinda messed with my head a bit.

On the other bright side, I spoke with a new friend today! So that was fun. =]

I also hung out with Jeanine yesterday!! That was awesome! Got her to catch up on all my writings and stuff, and she enjoyed the post I made about her =] We also stopped by Target and Michael’s Arts & Crafts store; I bought Rachel Platten’s Wildfire CD (loveee it and it’s kept me sane without my iPod now) and some regular water color set at Michael’s along with some fancy positive washi tapes!! I love the scrapbooking section they have, even though it took me years to ever discover its existence!! XD

I finally found my red plum and freesia hand lotion too! Had misplaced this gal for months which was awful but finally found her in my purse!

I’m hoping to start making more positive messages again. Finals week is definitely a time to look out for others more, so I’ve been doing that a lot today, just checking up on others and even offering hugs for those who may need it!

I have my last final tomorrow, which I need to work on studying for, so I’ll plop this baby up and then be off to do a little of that and then just sleep (sweet, sweet sleep <3) I got a C- on that paper of mine. I can deal with that. The final today went all right.

My mental health story is going up online tomorrow! I’ll make a post with a link about that then. =] I’m also picking up a painting from it, too. I also have to return my book rental (which I was incorrect that it was NOT due on Monday but rather the NEXT Mon, even though I was convinced it was Mon the 23rd despite also knowing it was Mon the 16th, trust me, I don’t know how I managed that logic, but I did, so yay stress) and just try to relax and make some artwork.

BONUS topic: Got my supplies in the mail for the NAMI presentation I have on Tuesday next week. Yay!

Well, I’m pretty tired. That’s my life update for now.

Wish me luck with the iPod search!! And take care, be well and stay safe, dear friends. ❤ ❤ ❤

An Angel in Dark Feathers

Today’s Prompt: Flourish

In the evening,

I planted a seedling.

She was cupped in brown,

A sliver of gold streaking through

Her skin.

She would grow into a mighty tree,

Sitting round the corner of my

Black bee car,

As I revved up the engine,

Starting off the day with a roar

And a clatter.

She would grow to weather the storms,

The snow that coated her branches in

Cascades of white frosting.

Rainstorms that whipped her arms wildly

Back and forth, this way and that,

All but snapping her in two,


She would not stand for that.

She would grow as the sun would rise yellow and bright

In the morning,

And sink below the horizon again,

Painting the sky with shades of pink, purple and blue.

She would grow tall and strong,

Grow in her strength and her courage.

If she’d be human,

She would have electrifying red hair,

Blue eyes that gazed up at the sky with a

Proud grin that shone from her

Pale skin.

She’d be an artist,

Clamoring her way through the country side,

Suburbia on one side of her trunk,

With the edges of the city resting on the other.

She would grow to be remarkable,

Her voice would drift into the breeze

With every carefree laugh and shrug of her


She would flourish into an eternal angel,

A woman who would steal my heart

And capture it again, only to let it roam free.

I planted her with love and care,

I shouldered her with my growing shield of courage,

And when the stars came out that very night,

I wished upon them for her to be great. . .


I was never disappointed.

A poem. Enjoy!! ❤