An Angel in Dark Feathers

Today’s Prompt: Flourish

In the evening,

I planted a seedling.

She was cupped in brown,

A sliver of gold streaking through

Her skin.

She would grow into a mighty tree,

Sitting round the corner of my

Black bee car,

As I revved up the engine,

Starting off the day with a roar

And a clatter.

She would grow to weather the storms,

The snow that coated her branches in

Cascades of white frosting.

Rainstorms that whipped her arms wildly

Back and forth, this way and that,

All but snapping her in two,


She would not stand for that.

She would grow as the sun would rise yellow and bright

In the morning,

And sink below the horizon again,

Painting the sky with shades of pink, purple and blue.

She would grow tall and strong,

Grow in her strength and her courage.

If she’d be human,

She would have electrifying red hair,

Blue eyes that gazed up at the sky with a

Proud grin that shone from her

Pale skin.

She’d be an artist,

Clamoring her way through the country side,

Suburbia on one side of her trunk,

With the edges of the city resting on the other.

She would grow to be remarkable,

Her voice would drift into the breeze

With every carefree laugh and shrug of her


She would flourish into an eternal angel,

A woman who would steal my heart

And capture it again, only to let it roam free.

I planted her with love and care,

I shouldered her with my growing shield of courage,

And when the stars came out that very night,

I wished upon them for her to be great. . .


I was never disappointed.

A poem. Enjoy!! ❤

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