Good News!

Wow, now that is quite the nice exclamation point right there. Very bold and distinctly excited! =]

So, I have a series of good news! 🙂 First, found my iPod in the lost and found at school yesterday!!!!! Thank the grace of ALL the gods, I’m so glad I got it back! If I had the capability to cry with joy I would! (For some reason I’ve not been able to cry at all lately, sigh).

Second, I need to clean my glasses because there are so many smudges between my eyes and the lenses and the computer screen. O_o

Third, though! I am DONE with school!!!! *Imagine a grand two arm gesture into the air* Granted, I’m not graduating I’m just done with the SEMESTER. But even so, that is AWESOMENESS!!! I made it through! Woot woot! I will likely make a post about that experience in the future :3

Fourth, actually… I think that’s about it for the good news! Now it’s just general thoughts and things. :3 Although, okay, there IS another one, but I want just a special post about that, so you’ll see it later today! You would have seen it yesterday but I just chiillllled after getting home from my last final.


If you happened to be wondering what photo is currently set as my profile image, here it is! Taken May 10.2013

For now, I’m probably going to enjoy the next few days, just applying to jobs (euuuuughhhh *imagine a groan for having to write and re WRITE all the same information 24 times into every new application* *also imagine an eye twitch for this chaos* especially when the application won’t go through and everything fucking site asks for a new account….*controlled sigh*)

Hanging out with my hamster (Nova by the way! Chinese dwarf hamster)

IMG_1482 Upd

Nova in his little cage! =] He’s pretty fast so this was an excellent capture! 2.6.2016

Getting to play with doggies on Sunday! 😀 Soooooo excited!! Today’s Friday right? Ahaha. Prowling the Internet and blogging whooooooooo! =]

Other than writing down some reminders I need to do, I think that’s about it. I got my IOOV supplies a couple days ago for the Carney hospital presentation I have next Tuesday. And the Samaritans Breakfast for Hope that I’m attending next Th is happening where there will be speakers and lots of people I don’t know to begin the conversation about suicide, so that’s important and fancy. I’m really looking forward to it! I signed up for it way back in February, I think. I also have to contact them again in general (for some future volunteer work on the phone lines). Many, many reminders I need to write down! Gotta call my psychiatrist to change my next appointment, hear back from my current therapist about the application/referral process for MSE’s partial, return a library book and do 2 book reviews about them on here and DA, send a few emails (to my brother about this blog, some about a directed study, and just replies), check my grades on WISER (my JA grade may be up there), do some art work, watch some House MD and ER episodes (yuuuuuuus), update my DA, blog some daily prompts and other news and articles, annnd oh, work on my fanfic so I can update that soon!

Yeah, got a lot to do! Good list, though, good list. I finished another coloring piece =] I was in a scrapbooking mood last night too, but didn’t get a chance to fulfill it, I think today that I will! I’ve also got to reply to a couple of job emails. Oooo, I gotta send back one of my books too. Should do that today. I also want to set up some photography projects for myself, since I’ve been neglecting photography lately 😦 And then I want to spread some more activity on here as well. Think I’m gonna fiddle with the font color again… 😀

IMG_6259 Upd

My last doggy Bayya (short for Bella), an Italian Greyhound with her three little leggies. She was so cute and so adorable and forever a puppy. Love this photo I took of her. ❤ She totally knew how to rock out her poses! (I bet she loved it!) RYP. Rest Your Paws. (she passed away end of last July) Photo captured 7.9.2012

I think that’s about it for me for now!!

Hope you’re all doing well, punching issues in the face and sharing a smile with the world today! ❤ ❤ ❤ Stay safe!!


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