To Dream and Dream Again

Today’s prompt: Dream

Tonight I shall fall asleep,

And dream of many dreams.

There will be light and there will be hell,

But through the darkness

Comes the light

And so I shall wander, small and bright.

Tonight I shall fall asleep,

Waiting to uncover treasure and to seek

The thrills that escape me in the daylight.

Tonight I shall fall asleep,

And dream of dreams and better days,

Only to wake in the morning,

Disappointed, yet full of life.


Besides this poem above, I’d like to discuss some of my hopes and dreams with you all. One of my dreams is to paint my own front door when I buy my first house. I want the background to be a dark green, like with a tint of teal in it, and then paint a pastel yellow, pink and green iris type shape onto it. I discuss this dream in my IOOV presentations, and you’d think after so many times saying it that I’d actually have a better representation of it in my mind but it’s actually fading away a little. Haha, I hope to draw out a little version of it soon though!

Another one of my dreams is to give a TED talk about my mental health experiences in 2018. I haven’t heard any TED talk discussing the pure O side of the OCD spectrum and so I’d like to raise further awareness of that and what my experiences have been like.

I also have a dream/new year’s resolution to read ten books this year. I’ve done 7 so far. I actually went to the library this evening and picked up four additional books so that will be fun to do and keep me busy!!


I dream of better days ahead and a series of better tomorrow’s. I dream of recovery and wellness sound from the OCD.

I dream of becoming a mental health therapist, a licensed clinical social worker. I dream of graduating college, I’ve got about a year and a half left. I dream of getting a job this summer and staying busy. I dream of a well earned/well needed reboot after this long week ahead. I dream of returning to photography, and keeping up with artwork through the years ahead.

I dream of seeing the next Thor movie, and the next Marvel films.

I dream of hanging out with Jeanine again soon. I dream of sending a letter to an old forgotten friend. I dream of doing as best as I could this last semester. I dream of many more yummy nights of ice cream and goodies.

I dream of structuring my time well. I dream of blogging, reading, commenting. Managing my time and having days of rotation and structure between blogging and DA. I dream of making it to the fall semester, what feels like light years away at the moment. I dream of staying busy. Of organizing my room again. Of accomplishing these many dreams.


I dream and dream and dream some more. And through action and doing and beyond, I hope that it is enough. ❤ ❤

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