“Creature of the Night” Book Review

So, I’d like to do a short book review of this book called “Creature of the Night” by Kate Thompson, as I’ll be returning it to my library soon after. (which closes in about an hour)

So without further ado….


Okay, now is good!

I give this story a 3 out of 5 stars. The main character, Bobby moves with his troubled in money mother and four year old little brother Dennis from Dublin to a little village out in the country side. The house they rent has a story of the family before supposedly killing their daughter while they lived in the house only for another fellow who moves in (the last person there) to disappear mysteriously. There are also fairies who come and drink the milk you leave out by the door in the evening, and if you don’t, something bad winds up happening.

I didn’t really click with Bobby very much. He’s a fourteen year old adolescent who has been guided down the wrong path by his older cousin and other older teenagers in a small gang where they have joy rides with stolen cars, do drugs and all around are a bad influence for him. He insists on wanting to return to Dublin where they lived before to be back with his buddies and slowly learns over time how much they didn’t actually care for him and were just using him as they began using the next newbie in their gang.

I think this was a tough reality point for Bobby and he was disillusioned in who he was, where his future was going and how he was going to get there.

After stealing the car the man living there previously had left behind, and crashing it from one of the older gang members, Bobby has to work by the owner of the area in the fields to pay off the car. He meets Coley, a boy there, and they work together and Bobby winds up enjoying his company, his brother’s interest in patching up old cars and Coley becomes a true friend to him even when the truth of the history of the home comes out, Dennis has been seeing “the little woman” and Bobby makes it out of the village for his fourth or fifth time.

The turning point came when Bobby realized who the fairy really was. It turned out to be the daughter who was never actually killed and that she had killed and dismembered the last tenant. Bobby realizes his family may be in danger and uses that strength to return to the house to save them.

I don’t think they ever found the old woman but the ending comes pretty quickly, where Bobby is 24 and has stayed up by Coley’s and made a better life for himself and how his little brother doesn’t remember what happened and he and his mother are away from each other since they weren’t a good influence together.


I give this story a 3 out of 5 because while Bobby wasn’t the type of character I normally invest in for a story, I’m glad he had a better ending. I also found that I wanted to find out what happened despite me both liking and disliking Bobby and his behavior. I think the ending came pretty quickly though, and I would have liked getting a better understanding of this newer Bobby than the shitty Bobby we had the entire storyline. But, maybe that’s just me!!

I felt the book was a bit of a let down, but it kept me hooked too. The chapters are short and it’s a pretty easy read. I wouldn’t read it again, but I’d be curious to see more work by this author.

So there we have it! One book review down! I want to do another from this other book I got a while ago called “you came back” so look out for that this week! And if you guys enjoyed this let me know! What would you like to see and how could I make this better? =]

Thanks to everyone who has been reading!!

❤ ❤

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