Award 2

Now, tis the second Black Cat, Blue Sea award nominated by my darling friend, Life on the Borderline She came up with some of her own questions so we shall read through them now! HUZZAH!

black cat blue sea awards

Drawing that I once again, did NOT depict, but is lovely as ever. Image from Google!

  • Why did you chose the name of your blog?

I chose the name “Recovery to Wellness” because on deviantART back in December 2015 I created a group there called Recovery-to-Wellness where I dreamed of putting my art content, feature other people’s artworks, create a positive environment safe where we could discuss mental health issues and I could open up about my own experiences with it and what I’ve learned over the course of time. So, it seemed only natural and fitting to make this blog the same name where I’ll be doing the same thing, bringing more light to this well deserved topic and gaining some type of traction for it. =] I have many plans ahead for this blog and that group!

  • What is your favourite thing to do?

Definitely artwork!! I’ve already posted here some examples of my artwork, ranging from photography (I’d like to return to this one very soon, there’s a contest going on on DA involving photography that I want to submit to), drawing, watercoloring, painting, making bracelets, IOS or ink on skin (where I draw on myself), scrapbooking… So soooo many art forms!! Oh, and creative writing of course!! I’m glad that I’ve gotten back into creative writing this year and that it’s given me the chance to blog!!

  • What grounds you?

Ink on skin grounds me the most. I’ll provide some examples here, some of my most fancy work. Also, body mists/scents. I love the Bath and Body Works spray of Beautiful Day, Marshmallow pumpkin latte, and A thousand Wishes. Red plum and freesia (if my memory is right) hand lotion by Victoria’s Secret is another fave of mine. Using my five senses also helps to ground me, such as creating a story or just listing off what things remind me of, say, if the wall is white, that makes me think of snow, and Elsa, and Frozen, and ‘Let it gooooooo’. Or one time I thought of silver and metal and OCD thoughts, but then I shook my head and restarted and thought of a woman with red, long hair, and she had a husband and children and I described their lives, their struggles, their home, their kids, etc. That helps me out a lot.

  • What is your favourite music?

I never know genres of music. I listen to a lot of the radio of 93.3 and 104.1 I think it is. Things that come up on the radio. But I like Eminem, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Rachel Platten, Imagine Dragons, Andy Grammer, Phillip Phillips, soundtrack music (you know for like trailers of movies and such. =] Two steps from hell, and lots of others). Yeah, that’s about as much as I can remember, right now. Also, Adele. *nods*

  • What is your favourite time of year and why?

Awesomely, I’m starting to enjoy all of the seasons of the year! I’m very excited for summer though. I want warm, hot weather and the confidence to wear shorter sleeves and shorts! I’m also looking forward to getting involved in some type of consistent exercise as that will be good for me and drawing and getting inspired for the artwork to create over this summer. I’ve returned to enjoying winter though and the snow was fun this year! Spring went by quick and odd and Autumn is lovely as well. =]

  • Who or what inspires you to write?

This is a good, thought-provoking question! I think, considering all of the creative writing to newspaper writing to blog writing spectrum, that creatively it naturally comes to me. It’s ingrained in the way I think and see the world. It just comes and overflows out of me naturally. For writing articles in the newspaper, my mental health experiences and helping others out in the world or whoever comes along my pieces to read them, helps to inspire me and I get a lot of help and therapeutic relief from writing them as well. And for blogging, so far it’s also just coming naturally. Again, I’ve likely had a lot of DA practice by writing journals on there. So, I just be myself and let the words come and pass. Of course, other artwork and reading awesome books is also very inspiring too! I’m honored that so many people think highly of my writing and my ability to write and that’s serving as a great outlet now for me. =)

  • Where would you rather be right now?

Again, I’d prefer being in a psych unit. But I’d also like to be reading or drawing by the ocean, on the beach, where it’s not so windy or cold and the sky is nice so I can watch the sunset and imagine the world and all its new possibilities for the day to come. I also could work on my little positive messages to give out to people while it’s still May! A project for tomorrow!! Also, I just realized now I never put in photos… gwah!

  • What made you decide to start a blog?

I was ferociously job searching and coming up empty handed. So then I went to find writing jobs and was led to a blogging mental health site that offers positions and was reading through the application process and got annoyed all over again so that, right then and there without further thought, I made this page. Still a good decision!!


Phew!! Once again, we made it through another award and series of questions! I’d like to thank Life on the Borderline again for existing, living and carrying on each and every day!! You are stronger than you feel and stronger than you think!! Also, thank you for nominating me with your super snazzy questions!!

I would like to nominate:


The Uniting Center

And anyone else who stumbles upon this and is interested in doing it!! (I’m running out of fingers to type with! Phew!)

A bid thee ado now, and farewell! *bows*

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