Of Imperfect Thoughts

Today’s Prompt: Epitome

Epitome: A perfect example: An example that expresses something very well.

I gotta say, I’m not getting exciting ways (waves?) of inspiration from this prompt today. I have an idea still for yesterday’s prompt (which I will totally be doing anyways after this since I didn’t have the chance to Friday) but today’s prompt? I’m like an empty space for the words. I suppose my first inclination is to say:

Perfection doesn’t exist.

But after that? Pfff, I just don’t have anything. Maybe I need to change the background music I’m listening to. Maybe Rachel Platten isn’t the right fit for this post (notice, as I just engaged in singing to the song and bed dancing to it)

Another reaction I have to this word prompt is, I’d hope I could be a good example for someone going through the recovery journey. I have been more receptive lately to admit I’ve relapsed with the OCD, and since I haven’t scratched myself again since Tuesday, I’d say it was more of a lapse than a relapse.

My Mom thinks I’m “over-labeling” due to the OCD, and she mentioned so in therapy, which isn’t quite fair, I think. I don’t think I’m over-labeling. I’m trying to understand where I am in my own journey because I’m communicating that information both through this blog, my DA, my artwork, my IOOV presentations. I mean, if I don’t know the answer, who will? No one. That’s who!

I’m just trying to understand myself, sans OCD not because of it. I do recognize it’s a slippery slope and can easily convert into the OCD but again, I repeat: Not EVERYTHING can be a compulsion. Do, take note, fellow bloggers.


And again, silence falls upon me. Maybe it’s ’cause my laptop is hot as lava on my lap. The fan isn’t hitting me with cool air enough. It’s hot as balls outside and I haven’t even BEEN outside today, fucking hell.

I did get into the book I’m reading though, so there’s that =] I also cannot wait until tomorrow, Sunday, since for the last two weeks I’ve been going to the local doggy daycare in town and playing with the doggies and patting them and everything! It’s so awesome! I get back home reekin’ with allergies, but it’s worth it for the anticipation throughout the week! =]


I would like to start doing the daily prompts in the morning of each day. Since they do come out at 8am, rather than 9am as I once thought. I worked on making some positive messages today, and have a small handful left to actually create the message portion. :3 Today was more of a relaxing, napping day, going through messages here and trying to keep up with the posts that keep on coming in. I have more comments I want to write tonight so hopefully I can get more up to date on what’s been going on in your guys’ lives. =] Most I’ve read through, just have to go back and comment on.

I suppose I’m a little empty minded since I was caught up in my own projections last night and scrambling to write some comments for the friends I feared could become unsafe. But one of my friends let me know I don’t have to worry so much, you know who you are, and I’m still grateful for that. So today I’ve been just keeping myself to a looser regiment, just working on some self-care.

I did have a headache earlier too, how annoying. It’s gone now though =]


Welp, I think that’s all I’m getting out of this post. Maybe forks will treat me better. ❤ Or, it’s just time for another break and time to read or watch some Youtube videos. Or get my laptop off my lap….. O_o

Or comment. Sigh, too many decisions. XD


Hope you guys are well! ❤ Staying chill, too! ^^