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Today’s Prompt: Orderly

Amazingly, I will NOT make this post about OCD. Which is good, we all need a break from that mother fucker. =]

I actually want to use this post to present ye all with some links that I’ve been meaning to share, found today and some that I think will reach out to my fellow survivors out there ❤

So, without further ado, here is the list!


  1. Hope for the Day Website This is a website I found out about from a friend of a friend. They’re raising awareness for suicide prevention and raising money to help the cause. You can check out more about their project from the link above! =]
  2. Suicide: The Ripple Effect This is a website I got from the next post below, featuring the suicide attempt survivor Kevin Hines (who has been a major influence in my own journey, the guy is amazing <3). His story is very moving and he speaks the genuine truth when it comes to demystifying the glorification of suicide to what it actually feels like in reality (which is regretful 😦 )
  3. Kevin Hines – MHW16 – Buzzfeed This is the video I saw today that led me to the site featured on #2. I will include another speech of Kevin’s story in the next link. It’s a moving story for sure, and I’m glad he’s doing so much work to prevent suicide now!! He is an inspiration (at least to me!)
  4. Kevin’s Story
  5. Suicide Attempt Survivor’s Stories – Buzzfeed I shared this link with a friend today, and it is also another moving video. If you have the time to watch it, I’d suggest so! The people in it have a few good coping strategy suggestions too =] Let’s build your arsenal of a toolbox!! ^^
  6. A Sexual Assault Survivor’s Story *TW* for those regarding sexual assault. This is a very moving poetry slam type of work (I totally can’t remember the name for that right now) and totally had me crying by the middle of it! Very, very moving.


And, that’s about all I’ve got for links today! It feels nice getting some of these out of the way and I hope the others can help out to just remind you you’re not alone and to get you through the next hour!! ❤ ❤

Stay safe, peeps!

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