New Artwork + Gift Art

Heyyyy everyone!

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent the past couple of days! Don’t worry, I’m doing well. πŸ˜€ I had to get more fillings done at the dentist yesterday (blegh!) and then I hung out with my friend Jeanine, and that was lots of fun. We went to Barnes & Noble, got some yummy frozen yogurt and did some drawing/coloring time together. πŸ™‚ Twas very, very fun!

And I was super exhausted afterward so I went to bed relatively early last night, which meant missing out on blogging here!

Today, I spent the majority of the day feeling tired and napping so there’s that! And then I just didn’t have the interest or motivation to really blog or answer messages, my mind was a smooooooth landscape so I didn’t really have much to be saying!

But, after trying out some reading (a new book, yes) and not finding that very fulfilling either, I decided to clean/organize my room. That was around four pm or so.

I organized through this semester’s past schoolwork, tossing out things I don’t find necessary to keep, going through older schoolwork stuff I’ve kept and have since tossed out, going through my old therapy notes (thought records) and recovery packets (information of DBT stuff and mindfulness and pro-recovery resources), cleaning through folders, setting aside notebooks and a folder for the fall semester, converting my new pink basket my Mom got me to a art holding place, working on my Motivational Binder annnnnd yeah. πŸ™‚

A LOT of organizing, and I love it! My floor, on one side of my room, is pretty spotless now, which is very satisfying.

I want to really work this summer on my Motivational Binder, as it’s something I want to loosely or specifically define and then gather up my tools to creating it and putting it together. I just didn’t find the stuff I had in it to fulfill its true potential, so I’ve taken out a lot of that and now it’s waiting to be filled up. I think I’ll do some scrapbook like stuff for it, and use it as a way to motivate myself and inspire me–like a vision board. πŸ˜€


BUT I want to show you guys, in this post, some of my latest artwork stuffs and a gift art piece I did for my friend Kai πŸ™‚

So, some recent artworks by this dandy snazzy dandelion:


This piece was inspired by a little shed out in the woods at MSE that I took a picture of on my phone last June. I will include a picture of the original, too πŸ˜‰ Done with watercolor!


One of the positive messages I gave out in May. Done also with watercolor. I gave out 9 messages and got 3 rejections that month!


Drew this cool chick with watercolors and her boobs are actually looking like boobs here, yay! Not sure what her name is. :3 Ideas?


This is the picture I used as a reference!! =] From around June 2015


Okay! Basic art update out of the waaaay. Tis time for the gift newwwwssss!!!

So this gift drawing is for my friend, Kai, as mentioned previously. It took me probably about 4 hours for me to do, and I used watercolor and acrylic paint! I’ll be upload multiple perspectives, far away and up close photos of it! So, without further adooooo:

Kai is a super awesome young man who you should totes follow because he’s lovely and wonderful and an inspiration. ❀ He’s been through a LOT of life so far, so send him some love, encouragement and many little sparkles of happiness! ❀ ❀ ❀



As shown above: There’s the first (slightly darker toned) version of the full piece, followed by a slightly lighter toned photo of the full piece. Then the bottom of the picture in a close up and the top of the picture in a close up. I was trying to capture the sparkly luster that’s in the colorful stream, since I use regular watercolor then a pearlescent coat over it.

The concept of this piece and the making of it involved: When Kai and I discussed what we sketch, I mentioned how I’ve not done a lot of work with cityscapes, so I decided for his gift I’d play with them. His favorite quote is also: “It’s okay to be a glow stick, sometimes we need to snap before we shine” So I wanted his building (the big blue, gray, pink one) in the middle to stand out, tall and brave (like him!) as it represents his soul and how he lights up the sky. There’s the starry night behind the buildings growing darker as the sky goes up and initially I was just going to involve a lighter form of the sky around his glowing soul, but then I wound up adding streams of color. Ideas shift after all!!

Here are some pictures as this piece was forming:

I’ve titled this piece: “The Glow of A Soul” =]


Hope you all get to enjoy this!!!

If you’d like me to draw you a gift or do any type of creative outlet for you (I do creative writing, photography, bracelets, drawing, scrapbooking) let me know! I’d love to make this into a little project of sorts!! Feel free to comment about it or send me an email from my contact page πŸ˜€

My next gift project will be for: Shouting from the Mountain Top


So, stay tuned over the weekend!! =]

(Bonus news: I’m doing a presentation this Sunday and June 13th for IOOV, yay!!! I’m hoping I can see the doggies for a bit of time before I head out on Sun, but that will await further contemplation. Hope you guys have been good!!)