There’s Little Focus on the Recovery

I think I’ve come to a point of self-understanding. Bear with me on this.

How much do I really talk about the OCD on here? Genuine question. I mean, I know I’ve written a few posts about it, the saga one and the angry one. (two daily prompts)

But in-depth? In all of the OCD land that there is?

I, at least, don’t think that I have.

I think I’ve uncovered what makes me so mad, so wanting to shout at the computer screen “Recover faster!” when it comes to reading other people’s OCD stories:

There’s SUCH a focus on the struggle. On what it’s like ‘living’ with it (more often under the OCD) and identity and knowing one’s self and basically, the STRUGGLE, the shit. All of the shit.

AND There’s very little focus on the RECOVERY.

I think that’s what bugs me.

Where’s the recovery piece? Where’s the point where you realize you CAN recover from this condition? When you take back your fucking life and get a hold of your shit? (Get your shit together clip) Where is that piece?! Where did it GO? Why is it MISSING?

‘Cause I wait to read the part where people begin recovery, where they start taking back their life, they gain some perspective, they forge meaning, they make their lives MATTER because THEY DO, and they punch that fucking OCD right in the FACE as it DESERVES TO BE.


But…. that part just doesn’t come.


Not anymore it doesn’t. If I’ve got to make it my mission to bring recovery to the forefront of people’s brains, you can bet your ass I’m gonna do it!!!

Going through my therapy notes was helpful (and triggering, so I didn’t read through them all lol), and I want to share my experiences and the things I’ve learned in the coming months. Of course, it’s all tailored to me, but with some generalizations it can be applied to other issues and conditions. It works like that.

Here are some sneak peeks into what I want to discuss:

  1. DBT techniques
  2. Mindfulness
  3. Cognitive distortions and a list of how you can manage these
  4. Coping strategies (general and my own)
  5. Mental health Youtubers I’d recommend
  6. Grounding techniques
  7. Mini ‘lectures’ of sorts
  8. Examples of my own recovery progress
  9. More specific posts dedicated to particular topics of exploration
  10. What it means to me to recover and live with the OCD.

This is what this blog is all about. Recovery & Wellness. Let’s get our brains geared towards focusing more on recovery and glorifying life than the multi-named bullshit that is everything else.

And book reviews. Because not everything can be about mental health XD And art.


Lastly, I will end with a quote from a book I’m still in midst of reading and whose message I think fits this post well and with what I’m saying:

It has not occurred to most people that they may already be the role model they

seek.” – p 106 Kitchen Table Wisdom Rene Remen

4 thoughts on “There’s Little Focus on the Recovery

  1. Not really OCD related but maybe you can find a way to apply it. I’ve been doing a lot of work on PTSD recovery, and two of the valuable tips that I’ve seen lately are
    1. Telling my story from where I am in recovery back to the trauma rather than always starting with the trauma. Apparrently, what we start the story with is what our minds focus on and identify as.
    2. Changing the way I refer to my situation as Post Traumatic Growth, rather than Post Traumatic Stress.

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    • Ooooo, this is very interesting indeed!!! I can understand that point about recovery and identification, I’m thinking I’m going to keep a rule that in my more down posts that I include a list of 3-5 positives, so that it keeps me grounded in what I am achieving versus fixating on everything that feels like is going wrong. :3

      I like that second one a lot! That is a good way to reframe it. 🙂

      Good luck in your recovery!! ❤

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