About Blog + Coloring

Okay, so I have a couple of ideas I want to present in a few new posts. This post will be about some more about this blog, recent color making, and just me talking. The next post, I’d like to write about the daily prompt, as I’m leaving the house at 4p to head over to McLean for tonight’s OCD Support Group. 🙂 So here we go!!



In one of my last posts, I talked about in detail some of the topics I’d like to discuss on this blog. I also want to help define what this place is all about, i.e. what you’ll find here. As I’ve spent more time shaping this blog, I’ve realized I want to include more than what I initially thought about.

For instance, there will be:

-Book reviews

-Tags (unless this changes at some point)

-Daily prompts

-Gift Art

-Art in general

-Teachable posts

-Mental health

-Recovery + Wellness

-Life updates


Depending on how things are going, I may also add some of my creative writing on here. There’s one short story I’m thinking of in particular, although it’s dark and doesn’t necessarily match up what this blog is about, other than being a cool story and something that I’m proud of! ^^;

Whoops, I wasn’t done with the list, oops! XD

Basically, I want the focus here to be on positivity and support and recovery, yet I also want to add in other things that I like doing, like the prompts, artwork and projects. And life updates are good for just general posts, I’m going to try and remind myself my posts don’t have to be a considerable long length for me to post. I like being active daily, but with more responsibilities adding (like coursework) I’ll have to cut back a smidge. I’d still like to post on designated days or something, but that’s more future work!

I would like to introduce a project idea into August, so that’s one thing I’ve got cooking up behind the scenes! I really like the gift art stuff and sharing my artwork in general. 🙂 Daily prompts are good too because I can use some inspiration from time to time.

I also want this place to reflect my identity, so not EVERYTHING will be about mental health, it’ll be fun stuff and other things about life too. 🙂

I hope that explains my stuffs!!


I’d like to share some of the adult coloring I am working on currently (I started yesterday). I’m doing a two page spread from ‘The Enchanted Forest’ by Johana Brasford.

Here’s somewhat where it began:


This is the big spread, yes, that’s my knee down there. And yes, ‘Fuck Feelings’ is what I’m reading (and cannot WAIT to review!!) and all the work here used watercolor, the ones you see there.


Close up of the right


Close up of Left.

The top three were from last night. Here’s what it looks like now:


Don’t mind my messy workspace! 😀 Here is the full spread, and this part includes more watercolor (regular and pearlescent), and some ink work (the purple leaves around the pink trees)


Close up Right.


Close up Left.

So yep! That’s what I’ve been up to. 🙂 I want to write that daily prompt now, as my Mom and I are leaving half an hour earlier instead. And so I’ll be gone all evening, and will be back online tomorrow morning, for anyone who wonders where I’ve disappeared too. I’m thinking tomorrow is when I’ll be making B.E’s magical gift art (I do know what I’m making for her! <3) and I may or may not get out positive messages for folks at the support group tonight, grrr!

Any who though, I’ll make more comment rounds tomorrow, too.

Hope you all are feeling well and dazzling and amazing. ‘Cause you ARE! ❤ ❤ ❤


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