Connection Granted

Today’s Prompt | Connected

IMG_1605 Upd

While I have already posted the above drawing, I feel that it’s a good representation of today’s daily prompt.

When going through struggles, we people can lose sight of those who surround us, supporting us, loving us and being patient with us. Of course, some of these loved ones don’t always show that same patience in their actions or behavior, but, well, we can’t win everything now can we?

Regardless though, I think it’s important to take a look at those who we have rooting for us, who are by our sides–whether that’s with us in real life or through the blogging hemisphere.

These are some lyrics from Rachel Platten, that I just love:


“I wanna know your name, wanna feel your joy, wanna feel your pain.” –

Lonely Planet

To feel connected to one another is an amazing feeling. My friend, Shouting from the Mountain Top made a post saying how through emotion we were united. And, that’s a very accurate depiction of it. Through our emotions, we are able to learn from one another, help one another out, remind each other we are not alone (in fact, we are right here, with you, as you are struggling, just trying to make it through the hour), and be there to just listen, simply.

Another friend of a friend, ART, once told my friend Queen B.E, that her and I and SftMT were empaths. We were able to connect through our emotions, through our struggles, despite there existing a geographical distance between one laptop and another.


It’s this very form of connection across time zones and hemispheres that unites us so well. Words can go a long way, whether they’re happening over text, over the Internet or volley balling from face to face.

I’d make more of a point here, but my thoughts have sputtered out. Ah well, good while it lasted!!


While our connections in this Internet world can be absolutely beneficial and soothing, we must also remember to be connected to our lives in the great unknown of this planet. So that we can balance ourselves and take care of ourselves, while also helping to take care of others.

I hope you enjoyed reading!! ❤ ❤

2 thoughts on “Connection Granted

  1. Cute drawing! Super cute! 😝 I’m so happy we found each other via our laptops so we can fight against the terrible atrocities of pants😂😁😀 💜

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