Open + Vulnerable

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“Vulnerability is a Strength, Never a Weakness”

To be open, to be vulnerable, is one in the same.

Vulnerability is defined in the dictionary as: susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm. But it’s also a hell of a lot more than that.

To me, vulnerability means putting yourself out on the line. Exposing yourself. Showing your true authenticity in all of its bittersweet loveliness.

It means being open. Being raw, emotional, sharing both the positive and the negative with the world. Or at least, with whom ever your true audience is.

To be open is defined as: to be open to the view; exposed.

There’s that well known quote out there, that “(someone is) an open book”. I looked it up not that long ago, it essentially means that you put yourself out there into the world, as vulnerable and raw and ready to discuss anything that comes your way. You’re not closed off, you’re just you and you don’t try to hide it.

To be open is to be vulnerable.

And vulnerability, I believe, is no weakness. Rather, it’s a MASSIVE strength.

Not everyone can put themselves out there on the twig that is life, to be scorned or loved by the many other eyes that feast upon them like vultures. It’s not easy, it’s in fact frightening, and because of that, it takes true badassery and courage.

And to have that power of courage and badassery is truly amazing. It’s like unlocking a dream, it’s achievable for some, and it shapes you, as a person.

In line with this idea, I’d recommend watching the TED talks by Brene Brown, or reading her book, “The Gifts of Imperfection”, it is quite the pleasant read (although I haven’t finished it myself!)

I’ve been closed off before in my life, for the majority of my time here. And I can honestly say it was pretty shit.

I like having openness as a value, now. It’s just…freeing. Now, it doesn’t mean I go giving out my personal ID codes and numbers and shit, but to slap a name to a face, to match words to a person, it’s just…magical and more real.

I believe that being open and sharing your story is a courageous, amazing thing to do. Through sharing our stories we can help to encourage and be side by side someone else out in the world who may be struggling. And isn’t that the basic human need? To feel connected and a part of something, something larger than one’s self?

Whether by grief or by the basic sources of our emotions, being united by them makes us such a force to be reckoned with. And in that, we are never truly alone. ❤


Stay safe, out there. ❤