Fanfic, Sleepiness + Update

June 23rd Prompt ~ Awe


So, I JUST finished updating my Avengers fanfiction on I’m still not sure if I will submit the story onto this blog, but I will put up the link for whose ever eyes are yearning to read it. Do be warned though, this is the summary of the piece:

As a struggling adolescent and misunderstood younger brother, Loki wishes for his father to be proud of him and accept him for who he is. Feeling unloved, he seeks to gain control of his world through food. What begins as a coping strategy leads to an eating disorder that threatens to take from him his very life. Will finding new friends and purpose change his outcome?

So, this work of fanfiction deals with triggering content like EDs and suicidality as well as depression and other mental health issues. You have been warned. (Chp 6 is the darkest one so far).

Distorted & Disordered – My fanfic

I just got up Chp 7 which is what I worked on and wrote up today LIKE A BOSS! I’m hoping to do Chp 8 over this weekend…although, I’ll be hanging out with friends, so maybe between Fri – Sat instead XD Forgot about that!

Also, I’ve started reading my next book (got that Intruders book on hold in the library (I’m waiting for that final moon book to come in so I can pick them both up) and it is pretty neat so far. I love the detail of it thus far, and it’s starting to pick up a bit of speed now, even though it’s only 30 pages in. I can’t wait to see what the rest holds! It’s about 330 pages long, I think.

Have you guys ever listened to ASMR videos? This is one I’m listening to in the background right now:


I slept terribly last night so I’m actually pretty excited to get to bed tonight. XD I finally took a shower after quite a few days without today and it was nice and relaxing. I was moving like a snail but I still made the train in time!

I got some video messages from Queen Bee too, and those helped me to smile. 🙂

I also got a message from a friend today too, which I should get back to replying to!!

I hung out with Elliot today and we spent time each writing fanfictions, and I stopped by and hung out with Craig too, and am facing a little bit of trouble with the employment stuff but hopefully it can all be figured out. :/

Therapy went all right. I felt like internally I was screaming and I didn’t voice all of my concerns, not right away at least, so that’s something I have to wait to deal with until next week. For now, it looks like I’ll just be coping effectively and positively and keeping myself structured and busy so that I’m spending less time on Struggle Lane and more time in Recovery House. I may even create some type of metaphorical drawing map for this–which HEY! Reminds me I had a dream about drawing a dream house last night….which sucks because it was COOL but doesn’t exist! D: Nuuuuu

Tomorrow I’ve got my psychiatrist’s in the morning. I am thinking of setting aside some days to particular art, with Friday’s being scrapbooking days. I think if I wind up doing a scrapbook page on say a Tuesday, whatever art designated for Tuesday’s I can then just move to the scrapbook day (Friday). Worth a shot to figure something out!!

I think I’ll be trying to read two books by Mon/Wed. And I’ll be up at school again next Wed. I’m still feeling that mood for making bracelets, as well as some photography. One of the things my Mom and I had looked at in Pier 1 Imports were lanterns and so the one we bought is giving me some very nice art vibes. Also, I can also work on that gift art too.

Did I tell you guys I signed up for that Stats class? Well, I did. Fun fun!

Anywho, I think I’m going to scurry off now. I swear I used the word ‘awe’ in my Chp 7 of the fanfic. Looks like if you wanna see that you’re gonna need to read it…. BUAHAHAA!


Look out tomorrow for coloring pages!! 😀 And, hopefully I can be up to some other good news and surprises from my short sleeves! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


Stay safe, peeps.