Voyage of #RecoveryHome

Today’s Prompt ~~ Voyage

It sounds about right to me to think and call Recovery a voyage. As we know, Recovery is not a linear process. It’s a process of ups and downs, of struggles and strength, courage and hopelessness. Yet, it’s one of beauty and hope and happiness and satisfaction, and a tale of victorious survivors. It doesn’t always feel that way for sure, but it’s a magical process to engage in and a journey that is rewarding each step of the way.

Recovery is about managing one’s mental health issues in a positive, effective manner. At least, that’s how I like to define it for myself. Every person’s definition of Recovery is unique to their own journey, much like how broad ‘you’ statements can irritate another person’s readers due to how general it is and consequently if you don’t fit into the portrayed ‘you’ category, how irritating it can be to hear it. Basically, we all have different experiences in our lives that have shaped us to be who we are today, and what may have affected you in X way, may have affected someone else in Y way. It’s like how medications work differently for each person. Symptoms and values and Recovery definitions work the same way.

Any who, that lecture out of the way…


I like to think of the Recovery process as a lighthouse. Because lighthouses are awesome, and also they carry hope, a light streaming through the stormy night. Recovery is a journey, and for this prompt, it is also a voyage. I like to mix my metaphors together at times, and this evening, is one of those times.

I’ve thought of Recovery for myself before as reaching the green hills, to warmer and brighter days ahead.

Recently, I’ve been thinking up some street names for a new, fictional village I’ve manifested in my mind. For instance, I’ve been residing more often on Struggle Lane which is nearby Lapse Circle. Quite a few streets away is Kill Yourself Road (it’s both a Dead End and an OCD contribution to this imaginary place) and Relapse Boulevard.

Today, on the scenic tour through the back roads from my psychiatrist’s appointment (which I brought my Mom in tow for and we stopped for yummy ice cream that had ACTUAL cows in the back fields!!) I thought about what I’ve officially dubbing the:

Recovery Mansion.

It’s a fictional place, or an imaginative place if you will, where my mind can wander to create it. I mean, what style house is it, after all? I know I have two dogs in it, for example because pets are awesome and my parents aren’t open to the idea of having any more dogs. (I do have a hamster now).

I know it’s on a hill and it overlooks the village with the street names down below. There’s also a lighthouse on the property. And there’s an ice cream place in the village, too. And stationary, there’s a shit ton of stationary too. Probably even a store just for cute things. And a Barnes & Noble. And a Paperstore. And Target. That Target Dollar Spot, after all!

I know the front door is painted in the design I have in my mind for my first front door of the house I will one day own. But as for the rest of it, so far, I don’t know.

It will take more thought, and in part, this was inspired from a dream I had earlier this week where I drew this Recovery Home. (And woke up disappointed since it didn’t exist on paper!)

Not only am I mentioning this here, and now, I also want to create some type of blog wide project for it, possibly even in July, where we talk about what our Recovery Homes look like. I’d like for it to be a type of interactive project where we can share our hopes and dreams and our imaginations whether we’re of the creative type or not. If words are your pal, than you can stick to that! If you’d like to dabble in scrapbooking or drawing (whether or not it’s “good” doesn’t matter! It’s YOUR imagination and YOUR vision) or photography, those are all good choices too!

I just think it’d be cool, ya know? I was thinking of creating like a #RecoveryMansion or more simply #RecoveryHome, in fact, I think the latter would be better as it means that’s where our home is, our natural setting, and having a setting of Recovery is welcoming and wonderful. Besides, some people may not like the mansion idea *insert my astonished eye roll here (with all due respect of course! I kid, I kid.)*

So, I’d like to know what you guys think. Would you like to participate in some type of month of July #RecoveryHome? I know of another blogger who did a super awesome Kindness Challenge for 6 weeks that was super awesome and popular. She’s actually inspired me to do similar types of projects in the future. Like, now for instance. Lmao

The challenge can be found here: Kindness Challenge


I am also thinking of doing a Positive Messages Project in the month of August. You may recall that I create little positive messages out of shredded pieces of paper, color them in a pattern or a small drawing, write an inspiring phrase on it (sometimes song lyrics from songs that inspire me) and sign it as (“2016”). Well, I’d like to bring that project into other spaces of the world, for anyone who is confident and daring and wants to brighten other people’s day to those around them even just a smidge. You do get some rejections, for different reasons I’m guessing, but more often than not, people are kind and considerate about receiving a positive message. 🙂 That is a project thought that is still under some construction as well, hehe.


For now though, I am curious if anyone else is curious about this #RecoveryHome idea. :3 Do leave me your thoughts, whether you’re a fellow blogger or a fellow free spirited reader who has magically happened across this blog. I hope I can hear from some of you about the idea, and I’ll try and make my rounds to get to your guys’ posts as of the last couple of weeks. ❤ Share the love and all that jazz. 🙂


Take care and stay safe. ❤

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