So, this post is brought to you byyyyyy: Life update!! *’yeaaaah’ ‘whooooo’ ‘woot woot’*

So, I’ve had some sporadic posting this week, mainly with book reviews taking up a few more days than I thought they would. I haven’t done much art this week, but today was scrapbook day so I did some scrapbooking (unfortunately the worst thing to happen on a scrapbook day is to run out of adhesive tape D: 😦 so that sucks!!), I’ll try to be good and include a picture here….finnnnne:

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The first spread is one I started way back earlier this year in March, and so I finished it up today, even though my tape ran out! YAY!

The second one is still a work in progress, but I’m hopeful with more time I’ll be inspired to include a fancy layout with it and the appropriate stickers of course, too 🙂

So, be like good Raquel and don’t make excuses even if things don’t work out the way you planned! You can still make something great out of it!! 🙂

On top of that, I am working on my 8th chapter for my fanfiction!! 😀 I am on page 3 already 🙂 Did a page a few days back and did another page today. YAY


Here’s some fancy stationary stuffs:


I’m going to also work on answering messages and making comments. I also want to plan out some time for #RecoveryHome and making that interactive with you guys here. 🙂 That will start probably on Tuesday, after the 4th of July. Or, maybe, on Monday. Not sure yet.

My family and I are having a cookout tomorrow so that’s snazzy. I should probably go for fireworks but I don’t know if I will for sure or not. *shrug*

I may do some art for the holiday though. And I do want to still get on that gift art #4!

I will also likely do some teachable moment stuffs. And reading.

My class starts in just 2 weeks, you guys!!!!!

I helped my Mom with some cleaning and reorganizing today.

I freakin’ love planner hauls/videos. So amazing.

Hmmm, let’s see, anything else?

I want to catch up on some posts I haven’t gotten around to. But for now, I feel like just laying back and relaxing. And having dinner and some water. 🙂


I’ll see you guys in a bit!!

❤ ❤ ❤


Stay safe and have a fun holiday!! And for those of you outside the States, have a sparkling weekend!


2 thoughts on “generality

  1. Wow! Didn’t think anyone kept scrapbooks these days!
    Those r some V FANCY stationery stuffs!
    On th other side of th pond, th weekend is sparkling – am catching up w your blog! 😉
    Hope u enjoyed a snazzzy cookout

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooooo, child, they still do! There’s some great scrapbook pages and scrapbooks themselves out there! Especially at Michael’s arts and crafts stores! 🙂


      Nice!! I love this chatter about ‘across the pond’ 🙂 It was good, too! Thanks for mentioning it! ^^


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