Gift Art #4

:3 I has finally done it!! I has made the 4th gift art, whooooooo!!!!

This gift art is fooooorrrrr mlbradford!! Whoooo! Woot Woot! *applause*

I got the idea in my head when we were chatting one day. 🙂 Like, a few weeks ago. And I’m making this post now because I got lazy and skipped the support group this evening…:S

But anywho, here is the gift art!


I have titled this piece:

Psychedelic Dandelion


Up close shot of the dandelion.


Image of the little seedlings drifting off.

I used Staedtler marker pens and watercolor to create this piece. 🙂 I don’t have any of the WIP as I just gotter done this evening and I was IN THE ZONE listening to scary stories and everything 🙂

I’m happy to finally get it done! I’d been procrastinating on it for a while because I wasn’t sure I could produce as good of an image as I thought. BUT that was a load of bullshittery, as I feel it came out pretty cools! I’m still finding my niche with watercoloring, I can see some of the beauty in this piece with the colors with that fading break of white in between the rich, bold color (I tend to go for rich, bold color rather than the classic watery watercolor effect, even though I aspire to achieve that, too). So yeah.

Hope you enjoy it, bruh!!!

*salutes* Greetings from across the pond 😉

One thought on “Gift Art #4

    This is FANTASTIC ART!
    Thank u SO MUCH – I LOVE Psychedelic dandelions – especially THESE 1s!!
    So sorry it’s taken so long to find these.
    July has been a horrid month for me; I never hear from so-called friends these days – so this has CHEERED ME up IMMENSELY (may dedicate a forthcoming Post to u, so watch out!)
    Stay well, stay snazzy
    Bless u


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