In the Darkness; On the Fence

Today’s Prompt, Darkness

She sits on the edge of the yellow-pink fence.

Her hair, long and straight comes rushing down her shoulders,

Blocking her face from the cool embrace of the shining sun.

She sits and she waits,

For the trees to stop murmuring,

For the leaves to stop crumpling,

For the air to spin free like a kaleidoscope.

She waits for the rainbows to fill her world,

For the unicorns to uplift her soul,

For her special someone to come scrambling down the path.

A man she once dated,

Stops by to visit,

Spends some time on the fence with her,

To keep her company.

Many other men,

About two or three,

Have come by, too, to wait with her and listen.

But without much interest, her eyes grew dull,

Without much attraction, her soul felt null.

So she sat,

Waiting still,

On the fence,

In her soul’s darkness,

For the light to come shining through.


And so the evening light,

Was guided by the moon,

When she caught her dream,

Stalking down beside the trees.

This woman, she came standing tall,

Short hair a light mess,

Avengers T-shirt in store.

The woman’s eyes glittered blue and bright

Between the moonlight and the candles that

Shone elusively,

Evoking a lightness to the girl on the fence’s soul,

Whose heart beat a little faster,

As she thought in her mind,

Shit, she’s cute.


But in the blink of an eye,

The girl on the fence lost sight

Of the dashing spirit in that evening,

And when she could search for her no more with her eyes,

Her shoulders slumped as she sighed sorrowfully on the fence upon

Which she seemed to be frozen.


Yet, when the daylight broke again

Over the horizon,

She felt a hand intertwine with hers,

As she gazed up in surprise,

To find the woman of her dreams

Standing by her side.


The girl on the fence,

Who wasn’t so certain of romance in the past,

Dreams of discovering that special someone

Who ignites her soul and brings to her

Much light and joy.


And the girl on the fence,

Has this sneaking suspicion

That within the darkness

Another woman’s light

May be the key to her escape.