Gift Art #5

Hey everyone!!

So I actually got this gift art done on Thursday, and it took about 2 hours for me to do, and by the time I took photos of it, I had to leave for a facial so I didn’t have time to get it up right then and there. And since I was a bit unmotivated last night and into much of today for blogging, I’m just getting to this post now… But, without further ado!!

This gift art #5 is for Jay and she requested the piece be colorful, so that is what I did!

Here it tis:


This piece is titled:

Freedom Locked Away

I used some metallic pens (gold, pink and blue), a Stabilo black pen and watercolor pencils all in this piece!

This piece features a bird cage (yes, that’s what that is) opening up with its chain mainly linking around the extended tree branch at the top.

This is a prime example of me drawing in pen and realizing part way through I want to add a detail I hadn’t thought of at the get go, annnnnd then that looking “off”. See, I did the chain BEFORE the branch and then I made up the rest of it so some of it actually DID loop around the branch 😉 Ah well though, I’m trying (and grappling) with keeping my art therapy nose involved so I don’t psyche myself out for a still awesome piece when they are AWESOME.

I did a wave of rainbow in the  background because COLOR and the bird cage is intertwined with the words:

Freedom Within

I used the concept here that Brene Brown, I believe, uses in her talks and in her book “The Gifts of Imperfection” that inherently we are worthy as is, right in the here and now. I think the additional concept is either within her book or in an article I read once, but the idea is that we don’t have to search for being “okay” because inherently within us we hold the power of ALREADY being okay.

So, I used that concept here in the sense that the freedom we feel is locked away from us, is actually WITHIN us, and whether or not the cage is open, our souls are already living and breathing freedom, even during the bad times when life throws us shitty emotions to deal with. To feel and experience life, is the freedom many of us so seek. And that beautiful gift is within our clutches already, just by being alive and surviving through all that we have.

Neat, huh? 😀

I kinda did this piece quickly again, so I only have one photo from before, but I can say I did the Freedom Within first, then built the cage, then the chain, the then the branch, the looping chain, the tree branch colored, the background one shade at a time, the flowers inside the cage, etc. So if you can imagine all that, you’re golden. At least I can! XD

I also did some of that line shade on the tree branch from having been looking at artwork on the blogosphere lately 🙂

Okay, here’s the CLOSE UPS first:


Of the cage


Close up of cage and chain.


A closer up because I liked this spot a lot.

The WIP:


And the images from Google I used to help me create this bird cage:

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Sorry, that’s all for this post! I gotta go see me a kitty cat.

All photos in this slideshow here are reference images I did not make!

For GA #6, I may be making a piece for Queen Bee 😉

And for GA#7, who wants dibs??


Hope you loved it!! ❤ ❤ ❤




Kitty cat looking through the glass

Pondering where oh where her owner

Has vanished to,

Strangers abound,

Her name is forgotten,

And all she can do is blink and blink anew.


Kitty cat looking through the glass

Hungry not quite,

Waiting for Papa to return home.


Kitty cat looking through the glass

Everything is as it was,

Pardon his absence,

Yet presence within that.


Kitty cat looking through the glass,

Scared of the people who come in,

Loud and creaking the floorboards,

Kitty cat looking, then sleeping,

Hissing then meowing,

Careful and apprehensive,

Waiting still for her owner to come

Back home.


Kitty cat looking through the glass,

How her life has changed,

And she doesn’t even know it.


When will Papa return?

Kitty cat wonders.

When will Papa return?

Kitty cat ponders.

Who are these strange guests,

Rummaging in my home?

Kitty cat thinks.

When will they leave as Papa leaves

Each morning?

Kitty cat blinks.


Kitty cat looking through the glass,

She may not yet realize,

Papa has passed.

R.I.P 62 years.

Written for a death in the family.