Pssssst…guess what today is?


It’s nearly 9:30a here. It’s a Sunday, and you know what that meaaaannnssss. Doggy playtime yay!!! I won’t be bringing my camera this time, but I do have photos from last Sunday that I can go through and upload here for you all 🙂 😀 YAY!

I’ll be there for a few hours today, and likely be reading throughout the evening as well as doing some more blogging and LEGASP I forgot to scrapbook on Scrapbooking Friday :O Maybe I’ll do some art stuff. I’ve had a couple of ideas the past few days.

AND I have that couple piece to finish, gasp!

Crap, I gasped too much, now I have the hiccups XD

I have a book review to do for you guys, and I’ve decided to bring back that procrastination book so I can take it out again another time and read it, since I won’t be able to get it done by tomorrow. I have another book I can read for Tuesday


Annnnd tomorrow is Monday, the first day of my Statistics class!!! :O O_O

I’m not sure yet how taking the course will effect my blogging, but I’ll do my best to juggle. 🙂 School will come first though. Well, second really, I come first. 😉

I also have a meeting with a professor on Tuesday for the directed study I want to do over the fall semester 😀 Yay!

Then I have therapy and more class on Wed.

This coming Saturday we’ll be having the funeral.

I’m just listing out stuffs I have in my brains now…

I got a DESK! It’s snazzy and my room’s been rearranged. I’ve put some of my stationary in the little drawer 😀

I’m currently listening to this creepypasta: Can’t really tell you what it’s about but it’s good background noise 🙂

What else….what else…

I’m feeling like myself again! 😀 Yesterday my Mom and I were doing my room so I wasn’t online much, and then we went out for dinner at IHop and to the stores too, so I also didn’t have much time to blog in the evening.

I want to get up a few teachable moments too, as well as an update on #RecoveryHome for you all. :3


For now, that’s all I’ll say. Gotta get ready for doggies, and take my meds! 🙂

Hope you guys are doing snazzy, and if you’re not, here’s a cup of sparkling SNAZZY for you to cheer up even a smidge. 🙂

Stay safe!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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