Student Mode: Activated

So it’s becoming more obvious to me that I’ll be requiring this grand dose of effort and focus time to make it through my 3 hour Psychology Statistics course on MW’s for the next 11 classes. PHEW That’s gonna take some effort for sure!!

I’ve chatted with a couple of people in the class so far, and today we went over central tendencies, parameters and non-parameters, dispersion, standard deviation and variance and some calculations.

We’ll have 9 quizzes in total, one each class, and the lowest is dropped. I don’t actually need a super snazzy calculator, so that’s some good news. There’s also no textbook and the final exam is open notes. *waggles fingers* Ooooooo indeed!!

Seems like it’ll go pretty swell, although I’m still nervous for the applications of the equations and all that jazz, although we don’t have to memorize them either. It’s just knowing when to apply them and what they do, and that’s what I’m nervous about! Anywho, it reminded me a LOT of research methods, and I can understand now why my RM professor had mentioned that about taking the two courses together way back when. *nods*

Oh! I did a watercolor piece today! 😀

And I’ve been READING which is very good, and I dropped off those two books at the library, one that I may pick up again when I get the chance to and the other that I’ll likely just leave behind. I have 3 more books to read from the library, all due within a week! D: I’ll be doing my best to finish the BPD one tonight so I can do the notes and review tomorrow.

I have my meetings tomorrow which requires an EARLY morning (okay, not SUPER early but still) up to campus. Yeaaah.

I’ll be getting to work after this post (kinda) for the review for the quiz stuff and some calculations. I’m hoping to get the majority of that done tonight so I have tomorrow more open. If I can keep up that type of work, I should be pretty good for the class. Here’s hoping!!

And I say kinda because I’ll be chilling eating dinner right after this and THEN I shall tackle the homework with my fancy new DESK and CHAIR. So yeah.

Until, approximately later this evening, if not tomorrow. GOOD NIGHT!

*falls asleep in a metaphor*