Around the Clock 2: A Word, or Three

Today’s Prompt $$ Clock

So, I made one post about the daily prompt, but it wasn’t the type of post I was initially going to make. And because I’m trying to find the poignant words to say here, I’m running out of MORE time that I do NOT have. So, let me just get a couple things out into this blogosphere.

First, the funeral went well, as well as funerals can go.

I finished my book and wrote up the handwritten notes about it. I’ll probably have the book review up on Tuesday this week. 🙂 So you know.

I’ve decided to return another book I was going to read but just wasn’t getting into. So instead I’m turning back to novels and am currently going to start reading “The Intruders” by E.E. Richardson–yes, that decade old book I read before and am excited to read again and to review! 🙂

I went and saw the dogs today, that was fun and swell! Took a great nap this afternoon, ahaha.

Unfortunately, I didn’t work on my Stats work early on like I wanted and imagined myself to do. I could have reviewed my notes earlier and worked on some made up problems, but I didn’t and now have to print out the review material we received just today, and work on that through this evening. Not exactly my best plan for a Sunday, but a result nonetheless. I hope next week I can do better. For now, I just have to move on and keep on writing this post without back tracking and deleting it. Here’s hoping! *fingers crossed*


I hate how the background music you’re listening to can really impact what you want to say in a blog (or any type of output) response. At least, when you can’t find a song that meshes right with you in that moment, that’s annoying.

I’d also like to quickly update ye all with some artwork, so here we go on that end too! After this, I’ll probably get to work (sigh) and maybe some reading/artwork tonight and see you guys again on Tuesday! *salutes to ye all until then*


This is my snazzy new desk. Isn’t it lovely? I’ll show you guys later this week why it’s professional on top and a party on the bottom 😉


Some of my stationary has found a home in the inside drawer! 😀


Sitting on a bench in a little city park! Still plowing through this book (although now it’s finished!) And lovely water is important, too. Gotta stay hydrated!


A snazzy photo of where I was sitting and the view there!


A little park before Simmons College!


Me!!! Wearing an AWESOME necklace, and waiting before my IOOV presentation last week. 🙂

Blarghedy blargh page break here.


Here’s Nova stealing some of my rice!! He’s so adorable! ❤ ❤ ❤


Turning away so he can eat his little treat.


Just inspecting, Mommy! 😉

xxxx I love Nova. So glad my Mom became more open to the idea of having him!! ❤ ❤ ❤ We got him in February of this year.


The famous kissing couple WIP I’ve been saying I’m working on!


Thought Imani would find this interesting!


Decorative items of summer theme that came with a huge platter of yummy cookies.

And, there’s more too, but I’ll make more specific posts about those in the future week to come!! I can’t believe it’s the end of July, so soon! :O

If I have time tonight I’ll return for a post but I should be getting to work soon…ugh. I’ll try to get my brain working up words again during my absence!


Stay safe, peeps! ❤ ❤ ❤

I used RAIGN’s Don’t Let Me Go for this post’s background music. :3



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