One more post before I poof for like 5 hours….

ONE. I had a dream last night where I had my first (and second, maybe third) girl kiss! *weeps* It was wonderful T_T

TWO. I changed my Firefox browser theme to lesbians kissing and a little rainbow 😀

THREE. I’ve been thinking about this since I got a comment about this blog’s layout, I’ve never showed you guys the full images behind the top and text based backgrounds.

I.e. They’re from photos I’ve taken.

The top (where you can see my watermark “Rocky Shores”) is a photo I submitted to Photography club at UMB for the Spring theme we had back in 2013, I think? (I’m quick posting after all)

Here it is:

Rocky 2

And the text based one is one I took of some fancy hydrangeas:

(one of my fave flowers)




now, I reallllly gotta go.

Bye peeps!

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