(I) Don’t have to be Superman (And Neither Do You)

You don’t have to be Superman,

(I) don’t have to be Superman,

(I) don’t have to hold the World in (my) hands,

(I’ve) already shown (you) that (I) can.

But you’re here, you’re here and you’re listening.

And it’s just you and me and these four walls,

And We are Only Human after all.

Rest (my) eyes now,

Take your hand,

Even heroes fall down

Now and then.

(I) can let it go.

Struggling is a part of life. I don’t have to be strong and mighty all the time, because in fact, within my struggles I am stronger than I could ever realize.

The same goes for you, too, reader.

Let’s put down our shields this evening, lay down our capes on the sandy shore, and bask in the glow of the setting sun, as the stars come out to greet us and we can sigh with relief and calm. Sometimes when we are too weary to stand, it’s okay for us to sit down.

Stay safe, and good luck out there.

Be sure to peek up at the stars tonight or the clouds passing by in the morning. ❤ ❤ ❤

Stationary Saturday


A more positive post, because that’s how we move on from the sullen and the gloomy here at Recovery to Wellness. We hide our dark posts will lighter ones. ^^’

Any who, I DID take pictures of the stuff I bought at Michael’s, and I intend to share it with you guys now.

Also, I’ve FINALLY been working on my #RecoveryHome, if I’m especially good I’ll have that updated for us all tomorrow. :3 I’ll have to make a note of it though. And I think I’ll do that Liebster award I was nominated for about a week ago…because I have this feeling I was nominated for something I just can’t remember what it was or from whom…. weird.

ONTO THE STATIONARY FOLKS! (what a bitch ass divider ;))


Whoops it’s blurry!

Fuck me, it’s blurry. Ah well, basically this is the shot of this 95 piece scrapbooking KIT I got for $15. Which, in my defense, feels like AN AWESOME BARGAIN. Because normally scrapbook albums are like $20-30 and I got this baby for $15 WITH all the inserts inside, a bunch of stickers, cardstock, etc. FUCKING GENIUS.


Come ON, this album cover just REEKS of RtW!!! I saw it from afar and was like ‘Yesssss, that is meeeee’ so I bought it! 😀

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  1. A little mini magnetic clipboard with notes! I feel like I could whip out this sucker in interviews or meetings and feel like such a BOSS.
  2. More notecards for self-care!! 🙂
  3. Stickers!!!!
  4. Page flags
  5. Card stock!! Woot woot
  6. A year long inspiration journal with prompts about reasons to be happy, healthy, thoughtful and top 10 things to be grateful for, what you want to achieve that month, etc.


Okay, I’m done. 🙂

On the Cusp of a Struggle

Imagine that when you’re struggling, you struggle




down here.

Now imagine how I’m feeling when I’m struggling

right here.

See the difference?

I’m calling this the “cusp of struggling”. I’m not all that new to this new form of struggling, I’ve been struggling like this for the duration of this summer. But it’s weird because part of me feels so ROCK SOLID in RECOVERY MODE, and yet, I’m still struggling. I just, don’t FEEL like I’m struggling. But, I am.

I don’t know, maybe it’s being home all day alone so my brains are out of order.

Maybe it’s ’cause I’ve officially relapsed in my vague term of ‘self-harm’ (i.e. not scratching myself).

Maybe it’s just me wanting to write a little bit. Because I certainly didn’t blog before I acted on my relapse, which sucks, so again, I can’t bullshit myself about it now either. I don’t know, maybe we can call it all of the above.

I haven’t been all that productive today, but am hoping the evening can pan out a little better. Sometimes when I listen to music it just charges the OCD into full swing. Unfortunately, before this, guess what I was doing?

Maybe it’s because I didn’t write a to do list today.

Maybe it’s from feeling a little bad for my wallet that I bought more stationary things (which is at least better than buying a stethoscope or sleeping pills for obvious reasons).

I don’t know, but it’s tough.

That’s all I really have for right now. Now it’s just time to study for stats, read a book, do some artwork, things like that.

Expect me to bury this post soon, too.

Hope you guys are doing better than my realization that I’m not as okay as I thought I was. 😦