Live with Purpose Planner

:3 So, back in May this year I got this “Live with Purpose” 2016-2017 planner from Brookline Booksmith.


At the start of the planner it features a bunch of pages all about identifying your goals and dreams for the next year, breaking down those goals into achievable steps, guiding you with 10 helpful steps, having you create a focus page (like a vision board) and identifying what some roadblocks may be.

The planner itself features weekly breakdowns, from daily 6:00a-11:00p schedules, to goals for the month and to do’s, to determining how you achieved what you set out to that week and having a month in review section and planning for the next month.


So far, I’ve been waiting the last two months to use this baby, and I’ve filled out all my pages this past month of July.


La la la la divider.


At the moment, as I’m writing this the evening before this gets posted, I am feeling a smidge intimidated and lazy to work with this planner, but I’ll get myself to write in it anyways, from filling in appointments to recording what I did that day.


Extra extra divider here…


For the rest of this evening I’ll be studying for stats, and possibly taking a shower, since I do need one, I think. I have a lot of appointments this week, and tomorrow is meant to be rainy (Monday) bleh. I may still bring my sketchbook so as to …well, no, maybe I won’t. I may do more positive messages though, as I need some for the OCD support group Tuesday evening.

Here is my most favorite part of the planner so far, the scrapbook section:


Tomorrow I have therapy in the morning and then I’ll be visiting a friend briefly and doing a study session with a few fellow classmates. I still have to print out the review stuff for the 4th quiz on Wed. Sigh.

It feels like a lazier weekend end, and I feel a bit drained. I think I may need to just relax offline and do some pleasurable activities. Maybe tomorrow instead of my sketchbook I’ll bring a coloring book. Maybe I can try and finish a piece for tonight, too.

I’ll return to you peeps later on on Tuesday. ❤ ❤ ❤

Hope everyone’s Monday goes swimmingly. 🙂


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