Patience is a Luxury

Today’s Prompt ~ Luxury

To be patient in life is to immerse one’s self in the present moment, unhindered by the past or the future, merely existing and being in the moment as that moment unfolds and the seconds tick past forming the once experienced into the now gone.

To be patient in life is to take the more natural path. To not be so quick to hasten the ending, but rather to enjoy the scenery as you walk a mile, another, and another.

To be patient in life is to exert much determination yet a willingness to let the moments slide into one another, even if it’s with bated annoyance that you comply.

To be patient is to enjoy the moment. Moment by moment, life begins. We’re not exactly told when our lives come to an end, and it may be that with this patience we unfold for our dreams, that we may never get to see them sparkle into creation.

For some, that is a shame. For others, they made their journey worthwhile. Not all of us get to live out our dreams, so for those of us who can make the effort, please do. Reach for the stars and land amongst the galaxies.

Sometimes we can be impatient creatures huddled together for warmth on this cold, vast rock. But we are mere specks in this universe, so easy to be wiped clear off, so enjoy the moments that you have, because we’re not guaranteed the rest of them.


And be patient with yourself and your dreams, you’ll get there one day, young child. Maybe even before you’re ready.



❤ ❤ ❤