Awareness Nail Art

At least, that’s what it’s supposed to be!!

My Mom said she couldn’t really read what my left hand said, and since I wrote the same thing on my right hand with my LEFT hand, well, it’s probably unintelligible. Ah well! Maybe if people ask about it I can proclaim:


It’s for suicide prevention awareness month! :B

I didn’t have the colors for the ribbons, so I made do with a mix of gold and blue. :3

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And, although I wanted to wait until next Wednesday, here is a photo of that awareness shirt I got! 😀


Oh, and I forgot to tell you guys, I got a haircut, too! This is from when I got out of the shower and then when it got straightened 🙂

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I’m going all out this month, you guys. Can’t wait until it’s OCD Awareness WEEK! (In October). I’ll have to think up some fanciness for that, too! YIPPEE!


Preparing you guys another reframing Friday! ^^

Hope you’re all doing SNAZZY!

xxxxx ❤ ❤ ❤

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