I wish I had powers to tell the future…

Just so I could know what art medium I’d like to be into the next day. Because it is QUITE difficult to predict the day before what I might want to be doing the NEXT day. Hence, this is my current dilemma as I’m contemplating bringing my sketchbook, writing notebook and positive message supplies. How much is too much? What if I want to do photography, too?

Well, my period is deciding that there won’t be any photography tomorrow…mmm, I sense a writing vibe just from uttering these words above. So, yes to the writing notebook, no to the camera (I’ll do something Th/Sat this week and next Tu) and yes to the sketchbook, just wrapped up in something in case it rains tomorrow (which during certain hours it’s possible to be doing so).


I did some photography today though, which is amazing!

I’ve gotten BACK into my planner, which is also good.

Tomorrow’s the FIRST day of school for me! I’ve likely already mentioned this but I’m taking evolutionary biology, psychological trauma and a drawing class. I just have 2 classes tomorrow, my drawing class is three hours long on Friday’s — which is actually kinda awesome. 🙂

My Mom and I are heading to Belmont for the OCD support group tonight. I was planning to sit in on the lecture, but I’m a little unsure. Maybe I will, get some lecture practice before tomorrow. I probably won’t blog tomorrow. I think I’ll be late to my therapy appointment, I tried calling to change the time of it but I haven’t heard back from my therapist…

Photography Club is NOT stressing me out today, yippee!!! I have finally gotten back access to the SAGroups page so I could manage the roster and accept invitations and invite others to the club. And change our settings for websites and stuff. So that was exciting.

Some people are jumping on the headstart of meeting up tomorrow which (is why I want to move my therapy appointment) is fantastic but also unexpected. And I know I really need to see my therapist in person, so I may keep the appointment at that time and just be late or call again and see if it can be moved an hour later. Sigh.

Did I mention I haven’t been to therapy for nearly two weeks? Could be a contributing factor.

I did much better today than yesterday though, even if my back pack and period hasn’t made the greatest of impressions on me P:

I’m getting nervous on the prospect of school but I bet it’ll go all right. I’ll try not to think about it. XD I just worry I will be seriously exhausted. Though I do have a 3 hour break so I could sleep during that and cope and eat and stuff. Yeah.

Okay well, I gotta go.

Thanks for reading, peeps! Hope your days/any of you heading back to school goes well!!!!

Stay safe. ❤ ❤ ❤

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