(re)Framing Friday | Week #6

Woot woot, (late) week #6!!!

 Music Share of the Week:

Because Rachel Platten is love. ❤

Video Share of the Week:

I quite enjoy watching Daz Games as of late and his commentary is, I find, hilarious. I busted out laughing at 15:55 (start at 15:42) in his video linked below and I literally couldn’t stop for a good two or three minutes. Fucking HILARIOUS. His reaction that is.

WARNING: The original video likely contains a troll who is claiming she was raped by being saved from drowning (in that, she was handled without her permission (she was unconscious) and is therefore claiming rape). There are screams throughout her Star Wars is about periods video so be careful of that, too. And she mentions transgenderism, too. Just, watch the video, it will all make sense.

But yeah, his reaction to what she says around 15:42 is just so priceless! I will include another one of my personal favorites as well, from when he’s playing a video game. 🙂

For September: Some Suicide Awareness Themed Images (from Google):


Above: Do’s and Don’ts regarding suicide prevention awareness. I’ll be including related images throughout the month about warning signs, misconceptions, etc. I may even have to make some on my own (because there’s a limited amount out there in the world for some reason).



My friend Lottie shared this fantabulous song:


Take care of each other and stay safe, my friends. ❤ ❤ ❤

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