I’m too impatient

THIS. THIS ABOVE VIDEO IS EVERYTHING. Trigger warning for explicit mention of suicide and suicide attempts, as well as mental health issues, but it is THE type of presentation to watch.


I am enthralled now from having watched and listened, and I feel ever so inspired. I want to do this. I want to give a TEDtalk. I want to also share my story. We need more people talking about these issues. And I want to be one of those people too.


I submitted a proposal for speaking at TED. I just cannot wait until I have a full year of NAMI IOOV presenting experience. I may not necessarily hear back from them, but I submitted something, and that’s enough. That will hold me over for a while.

If by some chance, some miracle, they contact me sooner about it–I WILL CRY. And freak out accordingly and then bust my ass to practice practice practice PRACTICE.

I want to share my story not only about the OCD but about how I have found purpose and am working through towards recovery. I know and I have to tell my story up to that recovery point, the dark days, but I’m so much more excited for the hope that I can unravel. I want my words out there, and spoken about.

I want to inspire other people. I survived yesterday, and I shall survive the next day–the next difficult day that comes my way. I’ve got a goldmine- and it IS all mine. 😉


Now I need to get back to the present moment and some early homework. XD