Dead End (*TW*)

Part 2 of “Planning.”

The wind is choppy.

The ocean is ravenous.

My soul is faltering.

My breath hitching.


Should I tell someone?

Would they rather know?

Or should I keep it to myself?


They’re better off not knowing.

No one should know about the nothing.


Don’t follow in these footsteps.

This is not the way out.

Forget me from your memory,

Remember me in a better light.


I am being pushed to my limits

By the brain within my skull.

I have no way out,

Just a blissful sleep to come.


Don’t follow in these footsteps.

Don’t linger in the fog.

Maybe I will tell someone.

Or fall like a log.



No words.


Only final actions.


1800 273 TALK

I don’t know what to do.

help me. save me from myself.