14% Remaining

Whooops, my laptop is about to croak because it’s dying a slow and painful comatose state into oblivion because I have only about 15 more minutes to be on campus and 5 of those minutes are going towards using the restroom and the rest for well, typing this here and now!

So, I started a new series for articles today 🙂 Technically I liked the name of one I was starting last week so now I’m making it into a series. It’s called “Say the Word–Suicide” Fuck yeah!

God, it’s been a while since I said a good old fuck yeah D:

Speaking of, I was reading over some other blogger posts last night and I was realizing I haven’t properly informed you all about what’s been going on, although some words have been spat regardless. So I plan on doing that more soon.

Except my laptop is nearly dead and my phone is nearly dead so maybe tomorrow or later tonight will be the time.

The first article I’m doing is about Recognizing a suicidal crisis. YAY. Then misconceptions about suicide, do’s and don’ts for suicide, and a few pieces about my own story as of recent events.


Okay, danger levels for the laptop.

Let me just say that I also have a PAPER MIDTERM to do this week yuck and that I’m feeling BETTER. Pugs, yay.

I’ll talk with you all later.


Stay safe ❤ ❤ ❤