In the Fade of Dawn | Poem

Today’s Prompt ~ Faded

In the fade of dawn…I rise.

With thoughts and dreams lingering on my fingertips, I rise.

From the ashes and the shadows,

The recovery home lighthouse shines.

In the depths of pain, acceptance awaits to be unfolded

Like origami letters swirling in the starry night, I rise.

Like the pages in the books I read,

I am old and wise,

And courageous beyond my years.

With a voice that may tremble,

And a soul that may quiver,

Still, I rise.

Inspired by artists,

Holding on by music,

I levitate,

I float,

I rise.

Let me be one with the moment,

And let the gratitude seep from my veins,

As I rise and rise and rise ever higher,

Over the mountaintops, without fear of falling,

Rising to the clouds,

And to rest amongst twinkling stars.

Shooting comets fly by the sides of my wings,

And with a small smile upon my face,

My hopes and horizons have been intertwined with delicate lace.

Inspiration from Maya Angelou’s I Rise poem, and Britt Nicole The Sun is Rising song.

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