Recovery Restoration Volume #1 | Project Day #1

Today’s Prompt ~^~ Invitation

….That moment when you’re clocked in for work but cannot form any of the words to either write your article or your blog post (to invoke some creativity and words). *sigh* It’s that pal, writer’s block again!

As I switch back and forth between writing this post and writing the article, I want to invite you to a new project I am working on now! 😀

I am gearing up to pitch the idea to every connection I have, and of course, I’m broadcasting it onto my social media accounts (i.e. here, DA and YouTube).

The concept is pretty simple (and quite creative!).

I’m calling the project: Recovery Restoration (because alliteration is my new thing for now).

The concept is to create positive, hopeful and pro-recovery artwork (including but not limited to drawings, coloring, photography, writing, etc.) that can be not only inspirational to you but to others as well! On the back of the pictures we discuss what the artwork means to us, what we may have been doing creating it, and where we are in our recovery journey when we made it. Then, we place photographs of the artwork into some type of scrapbook, photo album or binder (depending on individual program’s protocols) and donate the works of art to nearby inpatient units!

This way it is a creative and positive experience for those creating their mental health story, and then giving back to others in their own recovery journeys to help convey hope and the idea that we are NOT alone, and that there is peer support available to them that they can hold on for. 🙂

I’d love to know what you guys think of it!! I think it could be a wicked idea. I’m having the place I was at hopefully think it over and consider it and I’m gearing up to propose the idea to another sister program and to NAMI and so on and so forth. I’m thinking the sister program would be good about it, as I’ve seen similar artwork sharing already on the TVs they have (on the campus at least).

To further begin this project, I am submitting each day for the next 24 days, a picture of my own Recovery Restoration Volume #1 photo album. This is especially nice as I’m using a selected amount of my artwork from my first round of my recovery journey from my first and second sketchbook up until “The End Of the Line” drawing (which you saw a few days back). I can probably include some more when I give away my work to the units, but for now this is my start up version and something I can use to show after IOOV presentations 🙂 Also it’s 24 because that’s how much space I have in my album.

So, this is what the album looks like!! The dimensions are 4×6.


And in no particular order, this is Day #1’s submission:


With this description on the back: ( that does NOT want to be sent…. grrr.)

For this one (my computer wasn’t working at home) I hand wrote the description and may either have this as the option or use my initial idea to have typed print on the back as the description. Any who, it says:

(never mind it’s worked)



Come back tomorrow for Day #2!! 😀 And let me know what you think of this idea in the comments 😀 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤




2 thoughts on “Recovery Restoration Volume #1 | Project Day #1

    • Oh, hi there, Frank!! Sorry it took me so long to get to your message. I’m not sure how things were back in 2017 for this blog but nowadays I have an email subscription link you can sign up for on the right hand side of the page and additionally you can contact me via my Contact Page at the top of the blog itself. If you have a WordPress account, you can also naturally follow my blog through that.

      Hope you’ve been well.
      All the best,
      – xx


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