It Has Begun

School that is.

I think I actually have Day #2 of Recovery Restoration all set, but I won’t be able to get to it tonight. I barely have time to get to THIS post tonight, so, bleh.

Basically homework. Homework (NOT whorework, Jesus Christ fingers!!) means I can’t get that done today. Also, I am going to have to stay off the Internet when it comes to breaks. Yep, yep, yeppity yep. (As of today it just leads to procrastination). Poo.

Also I mainly just slept today. And procrastinated…

BUT I started reading and have accomplished some readings already, SAY WHAT!?

So that’s pretty awesome 🙂

I’m currently working on a reflection for my psych of aging course. Then I have to read for said course and finish an 8 page reading for my experimental methods course. Already did my sociology work, whoo!

I’m hoping I can be in bed around 10p. I may have to push out some reading assignment until tomorrow, unfortunately. I’d like not to, but I have to pack for school and pick out clothes and that’s going to take time that I won’t have tomorrow morning. Especially if I try to stay up a little longer. Gwah.


So, that’s me at the moment. I have both an article for a video and a post I can do soon and then I have to start writing some new material. Got a great idea for this week though 🙂

I’ll be around, folks! *salutes*

Hope you guys are well! ❤ ❤ ❤

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