He Pissed Off the Wrong Girl…

This post is brought to you by……


It makes me genuinely happy and laughing that this exists. I also have been thinking of doing the douche canoe drawing above, but with the canoe facing upwards, in a nice, natural setting of nature.


This post is brought to you by the RAGE I feel regarding a certain DOUCHE CANOE in my life. Very much so someone I do NOT WANT in my life, yet, their persistence is noted well here.


(I’ve personally sent this person the meme above) within my message of LEAVE ME ALONE, I want NOTHING to do with you and DO NOT CONTACT ME FURTHER.

I am ready, at high levels of anger (now mixing with deflated tiredness), to see this man at my campus and fucking YELL at him, MAKE A SCENE and just be done with it. UGH.

The rage has brought me a thirst for water…. I may have to fulfill that need soon.

Any who, douche canoe is just one of those ignorant morons who believes that homosexuality (and thereby bisexuality) is a choice and culture has to do with it…


Yeah, NOOOO!!

Please oh please, douche canoe:


He also likes to objectify women and do the dirty with them. He asked me outright if I’d perform a sexual act on him and my answer was a resounding: NO!


I decided I wanted zero things to do with him. So we didn’t speak for 7 months.

Unnnntillll, Douche Canoe came back!

Saw me at school one day, he said. And I proceeded to think to myself, Man, maybe I was being too hard on him. Until I realized how he’s a tad homophobic and I’m just not interested in dealing with that type of bullshit in my life. So I changed my mind and told him I didn’t want to hang out with him or whatever (I deleted all the messages) and told him goodbye.


And that was that…..


Until he texted me today about that Austin Powers reference about a dick in the sky, except he said it was ‘Superman’.

*rolls eyes*

No, buddy, not in a million years.

Again, I deleted the messages, but then he struck number two in there with a LOL.

For no reason.


So he has one more text left before I call up my network and BLOCK HIS ASS.

Pissed off Raquel doesn’t play nicely. She’s HARSH. Not cruel, but harsh. If that’s what the message takes…

I told him he was a douche canoe (included the meme) and told him flat out I wanted no contact with him and I did not and do not want to even know he exists. OUCH!

And laid it down with two more goodbye’s.

The ball is in his court now.


We’ll see what happens.


And remember folks,



*Images brought to you by Google. This post is going to look especially hilarious once I update you guys on my Valentine’s day plans XD

7 thoughts on “He Pissed Off the Wrong Girl…

    • Even if I was, it apparently wasn’t harsh enough. He came back for more today. -_- I’m updating tonight, and am taking action, I’ve contacted people on campus about it to report him because I feel what he’s doing now is just harassment. Probably can’t be called sexual harassment but oh well. I’ll find out soon what can be done about it.

      Thank you for your support!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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