*Update and Good News

Hey everyone!

So I’m back with another update!

So, I decided to take action against Douche Canoe since he texted me again on Tuesday. I’ve come to realize I’m pretty damn proactive and that I don’t take anybody’s shit. 😀 I engaged with conversation with him, unfortunately, and it freaked me out a lot but I also emailed people on campus about the issue.

So that, on Wed I met with an official on campus to file an informal complaint about the harassment and also met with an officer from public safety where Douche Canoe received an email from the university official to stop contact with me. The informal complaint is just a record of that, and if he continues (he hasn’t yet) they will get more stern about it.

Pretty much, that situation has been handled! YAY!


On top of that, I have some AWESOME news!

I think I may have mentioned to you guys that over the winter break, I think at the end of December 2016, I interviewed for a Recovery Treatment Assistant job (essentially an MHT or mental health technician, AKA the people who work on an inpatient unit who check off what you’re up to) at a nearby hospital annnnnd I found out yesterday that I got it!!! 😀

I’m super happy and excited and honored and albeit, a bit anxious! Mainly because it’s a full time position and I’m in school still, so I’m HOPING they will work with my availability until May where I can switch completely to full time over the summer until the fall semester again.

Worst case scenario? They can’t and I don’t get the job. But I’m hoping it can work and am going to pretend it will going forwards.

The training is TWO weeks long, like early 8am to 5p every day. PHEW! I’m hoping to do the one on March 6th as the week after is spring break and so I’ll only miss one week of classes.

The pay is good, I could get benefits, and I’m thinking and hoping that I’ll enjoy it! It’s such an honor to potentially work with other people through their own recovery journeys. 🙂 I could gush about it more but….


I also have another NAMI IOOV type thing tonight! So, I’ll be off for a couple hours this evening doing that. 🙂 So, that’s all I have time for for now!

I have to continue packing up my stuff for this evening so, it’s time for me to sign off.

It was great updating you guys (I also saw my new therapist today, yipppeeee! and it went well!) and I’ll be sure to be active again over this long weekend. 🙂

Hope you peeps are well! ❤ ❤ ❤

Stay snazzy!