Paperwork, Homework, STRESS

I have no idea what’s happening on campus right now, I just hear the muffled, filtered noise of music coming from what I imagine is a few floors below.

There is also an unusual, steady breeze….

Inside a building… on the third floor… yeah.

Between the louder sounds of my iPod, and the interference of the headphones dying out so that if I tilt my head a certain degree the sound cuts out of one ear and not the other, well, I’m having a dandy old time!

My back is sore from sitting upright (well, slouching upright) and my mind is tired from all the stress. Stress on what?

Paperwork. Do you realize how much paperwork is involved when it comes to a new job? Jesus. I found MORE levels of paperwork I didn’t even know were around and got through about half of it so that the other half I can make joint decisions about with my parents at home. Gosh.

My phone keeps whacking into my chair too, for reasons I don’t know why or how but it is, and it’s annoying.

But yeah, paperwork and the surmounting level of homework to catch up on and get on top of while I am OUT for the next two weeks — because job orientation thingy.

Boy, I was stressin’ out a bit earlier, I calmed down though, although I am pretty scared when it comes to this whole job thing and the stress involved and what it’s going to be like and worrying about future things and things that just are not helpful to me in the moment. Which is, to say, THIS moment.

I did more research in the last week about the facility I’ll be at and all of the bullshittery about its past, and it’s calmed me…that’s not the right word…but it’s helped give me perspective (ironic that perspective is an article I wrote about this week) and also creep me out MORE about what on earth I’m getting myself into.

A lot of it is just the unexpected, the UNKNOWNs about it. The orientation should help a lot, but even that is making me anxious because I don’t know what to expect from that either. OH BOY!

Apparently it’s starting this coming Monday for two weeks, 8a-5p every day. Every. Day. For two. weeks. O_O

Even my parents are skeptical that the orientation, excuse me, is that long. But then there’s the fact that I’m missing schoolwork stuff. Sigh.

One of my professor’s has excused me at least, so that’s good.

That takes off some of the worries and anticipation and such.

I just gotta remember to keep breathing, telling myself it’s okay, everything’s going to be okay and take it one moment at a time. Yeah, that makes sense. Okay. I’m still anxious but I’ll work on distracting myself until later tonight where I’ll put up some articles.

Yeah, that’s all I got for right now. See ya peeps later!! 🙂

❤ ❤ ❤

PS I just feel that I’ve gone in over my head for this job and I’m gonna miss seeing doggies as often… I don’t know maybe it won’t even be … Gotta think of it positively and with hope. It’s going to work out. It’ll be okay.

I gotta distract, bye!