#WWRRM: Worldwide Recovery Recognition Month Declared in August 2017

That’s right!!

I am officially declaring the month of August to be worldwide Recovery Recognition month or #WWRRM.

Apparently in the USA, SAMHSA organization has their National Recovery month be in September–but I’ve come to find recently that there is no worldwide recovery recognition month, so I figured making a whole blog series about it would work! 😀

So, I’m going to need help from you guys! I want the month of August to be filled with our voices of recovery–of the struggles we’ve had, even the ones we’re still sifting through–and how we cope on a day to day basis. I want our voices to shine loud and proud as our SURVIVORS RADIATING BADASSERY is taken to a global stand!!

Spread the word, people!! And if you’d like to contribute, be a part of this movement or do anything else to help it grow, comment down below or send me an email at recoverytowellness@hotmail.com

I envision our recovery recognition (hmm, is #WWRM or #WWRRM better?) month to be bursting with stories–featured blog posts on this blog about stories of hope shining in the darkness, of sharing coping strategies, of reasons to live, of gratitude, of ARTWORK, of positivity, of compassion, of peer support, of LOVE and LIFE. 😀

Our mascot is officially going to be a unicorn (because unicorns are awesome). And our ribbon? Haven’t totally decided on that yet! But I’m thinking one arm of it will be silver. I’m also thinking of doing a tree within it, or a world on the middle, or the hashtag, or a universe/galaxy mix of colors or doing a symbol or I don’t know.

What do you guys think??

Also, when you share your stories, feel free to be as open or private about it as you want to be. This blog of mine is public, so be aware of that. You can give yourself a pseudonym, that’s totally fine. 🙂

BONUS: Here is a website I found last night about the popular ribbon colors and PATTERNS and symbols that already exist. I know we’re extra special people so we’re gonna want something different, unique, yet also simple enough to reproduce.


AND this is recovery from mental health and substance use where applicable. 🙂

Come on my worldwide buddies, let’s make this a fanciful pursuit!! 😀


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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