Today’s Prompt ^_^ Jolt

That moment where I totally forget what I was going to be writing about…gah. Any who, my friend Elicia is coming over today so I shall be away for most of the day. I wanted to make a couple of updates though, before then. 🙂

  1. Never explicitly said but I quit my job as the MHT.
  2. I will soon be re-writing my About page.
  3. I lost my job at the newspaper :/
  4. I’m tossing a throwback to apparently, 2013, when I used to where LOADS of bracelets I made on my right arm like a freakin’ sleeve. 🙂 *Pictures below*
  5. I’m going to write a novel. (And probably tell you about it. It’s called (thus far) “The Cards We’re Dealt”)
  6. Elicia and I may make SLIME today. FUCK YEAH
  7. I am behind in like 5-7 book reviews. YEAH. Gonna get on that shit over the summer.
  8. I have a year left of school still. SIGH. Twice a senior, counts right?
  9. #RecoveryHome, Recovery Restoration and #WWRRM, Recovery Bear.
  10. I finished reading a book this weekend — Saturday to be specific.
  11. Will be planning on more photography this week.
  12. Stationery updates, creative writing and art folders, and Youtube stuff. Yep.
  13. Next month, mid-month (NOT mid-moth), will be a year on this blog. GASP.
  14. Gift art. More of this. *nods*

That’s all I got.






Today’s look:


Word bracelets: “Gets Better” “I believe” “Stay Safe”


PS As of my last #tag, yes, I am doing and feeling better. I went to the counseling center at school on emergency last Monday (and today’s a holiday so no school, whoop whoop) and have been doing a LOT BETTER since.

PPS I totes made another account on a dating site. 🙂

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