Skipped School Today

Just a quick zippity split update!

So, by the title, I did not go to school today. LEGASP! :O

You see, it was while I was sat on the toilet (it’s true, there’s no room for apologies HERE!) that I thought to myself: I really shouldn’t go to school today.

Or: That’s not a good idea (to go to school).

Or: I’m probably going to hurt myself if I go to school.

SO I intervened! I KNOW! And I told my parents and I stayed home and then I waited until I spoke with someone on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline chat services (USA) and while I waited I read some fanfiction, which inspired me to WRITE some fanfiction and I pretty much skipped school and wrote FANFICTION today. LESSONS LEARNED.


It was some really good fanfic though. I updated one of my stories (which hasn’t been worked on since February/December and last updated in AUGUST last year) with a 9 pager. Fuck yeah.

And I started a new story (nothing new there) so that’s cool. :3

I also DANCED to music today. Cut out more magazine clippings for SCRAPBOOKING. ATE FOOD. NEVER NAPPED (grrr) and looked PRETTY.

It was actually a really good self-care day.

Now, Wednesday, I don’t know about, but tomorrow is therapy day and I’ll be with Elicia again in the afternoon for some movie and homework time (blegh homework) BUT there’s only TWO WEEKS left of school! So that’s something fun!

Sigh. Also I spoke with the crisis chat line on Saturday night too, and then did a video therapy thing online with not my therapist but an online guy on Sunday and that helped a lot. And I SAW DOGS on Sunday which was EPIC. So yeah.

Things are better. Pretty much.

Now I’m off to bed soon. 🙂 The last time I went out (Th) I got 9 more books from the library. *sly grin* You betcha there will be an influx soon (in the next couple of weeks) of you guessed it–BOOK REVIEWS.

I also still want to do some photo work for the Earth challenge tomorrow. So, keep your eyes PEELED BACK LIKE ORANGES.

(Shit, now I want an orange)

Thanks for reading and supporting!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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