Preparations for May

I’m so tired, gwah.

Also, aren’t there hashtags and challenges and fancy blogging things (and probably vlogging things) for May’s mental health awareness monthliness? If you can find that stuff or point me in the right direction that’d be spiffy. And I’d give you a nice virtual cookie :3

I want to do some of those challenges, activities and overall fanciness for May this year. Also, I’ll be celebrating my 1 year on this blog, too! :O

I’ve also just made a Twitter account (instead of totes writing my papers….*sly grin*) for my blog which will predominantly be fueled with blog posts from here and shit like that. :3 And of course during August’s #WWRRM. (I mainly just wanted to own that hashtag before anyone else decided to come up with something) 🙂

So, if you also happen to have a twitter for your blog or not on your blog, we should be tweeter buddies. Lol. ^^


Um, um, general updatedness? I’m still doing well. Just sleepy even though I napped obnoxiously today. I also didn’t take a shower (oops) but ah well, it’s 10p now so a little late for that. I don’t have my first class tomorrow so I’m mainly going to be writing 2.5 page papers for a couple hours. Hooray *unenthusiastic*

I got another idea for a fanfic today, sweet. I made an appointment, hooray. And there’s a little less than 2 weeks left of the semester (thank the Norns!)

Also I’ve been reading lately, which is snazzy. And I hope to finish the book I’m on now by tomorrow.

That’s about it. I should probably pack and head to sleep. 🙂 And then homework this weekend…yaaaay.


Hope you guys are well!! I totes need to catch up on people’s posts. 😛

❤ ❤ ❤

Sending you warm buskets! Because why should I spell baskets correctly? 😉

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