5. Recovery A – Z Challenge. B is for Bravery – #blog4mh

A is for Advocacy

B is for Bravery. To be brave is synonymous with courage, but I already have a word for ‘C’ to be used tomorrow. 🙂

Bravery goes into advocacy, in my opinion. To be brave is to tell your story, especially in our societies today where it does take bravery to talk about the things that no one else wants to talk about. Bravery is to go against the flow of the remaining sardines. If they go right, you go left. If they go down, you go up. You see a better day ahead of you, or at least you hope for it and you brave the weather until then. You brave the storm that ricochets off from your brain walls and you face the day once more.

You could sit back. Sometimes you have. But to fight and fight again, to face the day, to face the thoughts inside your head–I think that’s brave. Not everybody can do that, not everybody wants to. And, sometimes you may not want to be that special person either. That’s okay. Because often you’re still here tomorrow, still braving another storm, and that’s what really matters.

To be brave is to stand up against the tides. To hold fear and uncertainty somewhere within your bosom, and to stand up despite it.

To get up in the morning is brave AND it’s an accomplishment. There are lots of small victories to be found in our lives, sometimes it just takes the right amount of sunlight peeking through the leaves and the right amount of sparkle in our eyes to see them.

I am brave. I am a warrior. I am a survivor radiating badassery (the origins of this post will be out soon).

I share my story to end the stigma. I share my story to help others. I share my story because sharing my voice matters and I know it genuinely can help and aid in others stories, and that is enough for me.

Sharing my story helps me phenomenally–and I cannot wait until I can be back in the swings of recovery where the days are brighter and the color of the world is more pronounced, and where I can be reassured that my advice and my sharing of my story is more helpful because I’m in a more certain place than the difficulties I am still subject to now (which is not to say there are no difficulties while I’m in my Recovery Raquel mode, I just am aware of my struggles and don’t become them).

Until then, I need to be brave. For me. For myself. For those around me. For you. For the world.

I hope you, too, will join me in being brave, whether that’s today or tomorrow or five months from now. You are braver than you realize.

May you always be. ❤

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