7. Come on Friends, Get up now, you’re not alone at all – SADIM Day #3 #blog4mh


Le Rules:

  1. Post a song a day for the month of May either related to or about mental health or something that YOU find helps YOUR mental health.
  2. It can be positive, uplifting music (you get bonus points for this) or music that’s somber and low if that’s what helps YOU.
  3. Post the name of the song and a video to it
  4. Post lyrics that stick out to you and relate them in whatever way you are comfortable with (i.e. this song helped me in my story…I just loved the way…etc)
  5. Nominate whomever you think would enjoy this challenge
  6. End this modified challenge with a emoticon of your choice.

Song Choice:

Comes and Goes in Waves (Piano version) by Greg Laswell


Chosen lyrics:

“This one’s for the torn down, the experts at the fall. Come on friends, get up now, you’re not alone at all…It comes and goes in wavesThis is for the ones who stand for the ones who think they can, for the ones who need a hand, for the ones who try again.”

My relation to them:

This is a song that has stood out to me and has been a part of my recovery journey, volume 1 let’s say, for a long time–since the start, really. I don’t often go to it now as I’ve built up lots more songs in my CL;MA playlist however it’s a favorite of mine and a classic for sure. I even did the below art piece featuring some of its song lyrics! (Which as you know by now I am well seasoned in including song lyrics to my drawings)

This song reminds me that like the coming and departing of waves, things in life will come and go and pass. Feelings are temporary. Situations and life itself is temporary. And there’s tons of fanfic to be read. 🙂

IMG_8967 Upd

I hope you enjoyed this session! ^^


🌊🌊🌊 = waves