12. Recovery A – Z Challenge. D is for Desire #blog4MH

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So, we’ve made it to letter D! For this, I decided to do D for Desire.

Desire is defined by Google as:

a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

I believe it’s important to have desire in our recovery journeys. Without desire, we miss out on having the fuel that powers forth our many dreams. Therefore, with desire we can likely achieve more of what we want to do and make larger strides in our accomplishments which helps to boost our mood and overall recovery.

Does that bullshit sound about right? XD

I kid, I kid. I genuinely think desire is important though. It’s important to want to have more than what we currently have, especially when we believe and are aware that we deserve to have more and better in our lives.

For me, desire is coming out in a few different ways in my recovery.

For one, I have the desire to write lots of fanfiction. Hehehe, really though, wanting to write my stories and knowing that they’re particularly special because I’m the writer behind them inspires me to keep going in this life so that I can fulfill and finish them the way they were meant to be. (Which also means I have multiple projects ongoing).

I also have the desire to write books in my future. That is something I want to explore more of, and to create artwork books and workbook’s and such. 🙂

I also have the desire to make #RecoveryHome and Recovery Restoration a thing.

I have a desire for reading books, and just LOVE when I get to go to the library and pull out like ten books to read for the next few weeks. 😀

I have a desire for me to make it to my better days again, and I really want to achieve this. I’ve also been thinking of recovery not as sustained good days with handling and managing bad days, but that each moment where I’m okay is a recovery moment, and that by collecting these good moments I am rebuilding my recovery journey. Because based on moments, I have a lot more of those than I have sustained chronological recovery time.

And my therapy has been helping me again and my desire to not be a hypocrite has kept me safe even when I’ve had struggles, hard times and urges lately.

My desire for a doggo is also helping me, too. And  I finally get to see some doggos this weekend, hooray! The week could not have gone by any slower! Eugh.

I have desires to make art that also keep me going, keep me busy and keep me engaged.

I have a desire for stationery and shopping in general (hehe) and a desire to listen to more and new music (particularly finding bands on my own that I’d enjoy).


That’s about all I’ve got for Desire! I hope you enjoyed this and I hope this piece stirs up some of your own desires for your recovery journey and what you may want out of life. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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