“Blood Wounds” | [OLD] Book Review

Blood Wounds by Susan Beth Pfeffer

So, this is an OLD DRAFT of a book review I literally was meant to put up in August 2016. Therefore because I don’t seem to have any notes on this subject matter, I’m going based off my memory and what quotes I chose from this novel. Bear with me and watch out, probably some spoilers ahead!


*TRIGGER WARNING* Cutting mentioned in this book.

Our main character is Willow in this fictional story. A girl who has two step-sisters and a step-father, who soon learns that her biological father has murdered his wife and two young girls and that he is on the run to find Willow and kill her too. It’s never explained what caused him to do these murders or what happened in him to have led to them, but I thought this was a pretty excellent book about finding one’s family ties, learning about one’s self and their identity, Willow expressing her need for help by the end of the book (she’s been cutting to self-soothe), and an interesting take on what it must be like for family members of people who are murderers.


4/5 Father killers


  1. “I was alone, as I was so many nights, surrounded by my family but alone with my thoughts” – p. 18

Relatable quote here, and I feel this could apply to other fanfic ideas I have about characters going through shit in life. 🙂 (Nicely said, Raquel, nicely said)

2. “‘I’ll ask my mother,’ I said, knowing that I wouldn’t. I’d learned a long time ago not to ask for the things I couldn’t have” 0 p.21

I definitely thought that was weird and sigh worthy when I read this book.

Also, there was no trigger warning about the cutting in this book, which kind of irritated me. I mean a little bit could be expected from the title, but I distinctly remember the scene where she first cuts herself, she goes to the basement (and I’m thinking okay, maybe it’s a nice basement), goes to the radiator (that’s a little odd) and then cuts herself with something she hid there (and I was like Well THAT escalated quickly!). So yeah. I didn’t want to quote it here for obvious reasons but uh, I pretty much did anyways. 😛 I was also telling Elisa about this book not long ago so the details are still a bit fresh in my mind. Still a good book though! But that’s why it’s only 4/5.

3. “I felt as though the whole house had been picked up by a tornado, that it and everything I’d ever known was twisting out of the solar system” 0 p. 34

4. “Because that’s the kind of family I come from. We’re very polite. Even when people die on our doorsteps, we remember to say please and thank you and excuse me” – p. 69

5. “‘Don’t tell me what means nothing!’ I shouted. ‘You don’t know. You just ask me to pretend all the time. Well, I won’t. I’m through pretending. They were my family. They’re a part of me'” 0 p. 76

This is when Willow wants to go visit her biological father’s home state to learn more about him and what happened and if she’s anything like the monster he was. Essentially.


6. “‘And whose fault is that? Who kept me from them?'” – p. 77

7. “‘You got me away. I’m alive because you got me away. Let me say goodbye to my sisters. They didn’t have you. They didn’t get away'” – p, 78


8. “If I didn’t know him, if I didn’t know what had become of him, would I have stared into those eyes and thought about the pain they could inflict? Would I have said ‘those are the eyes of a killer,’ or would I simply have thought he was squinting, uncomfortable posing for a picture?” – p, 91

Willow is looking at her biological father’s yearbook photo.

9. “‘I guess I don’t belong here any more than I belong at home'” – p. 94

Oh, Willow….

10. “‘Without rules, we’d run around fighting each other, not caring what anybody thinks. Sometimes rules can seem arbitrary, and sometimes unfair, but they give us our boundaries, and we need to respect them'” 0 p. 102

11. “I couldn’t bring myself to define Budge, to put a label on him. Because whatever he was, I was his daughter, and whether I loved him or not, whether I even knew him or not, he was a part of me, so entwined with my body and my soul that he could never be disentangled” – p. 106

12. “We’re a happy family, I said to myself, closing the yearbook and piling it on top of the others. We have to be. Because if I didn’t have that to believe in, then I had nothing left at all” – p. 107

13. “I’d spent so much of my life claiming things were fine when they weren’t that it surprised me to hear the truth come from my mouth” – p. 108

Remember what FINE stands for right? Fucked up, insecure, neurotic and emotional. You’re welcome.

14. “We were a family of secrets. I’d kept my share. One more wouldn’t hurt” – p. 135

15. “‘I do what I need to. I made it through yesterday and I’m alive today'” – p. 170-171

One of Willow’s siblings saying how they make it through living on their own, relatively homeless, from what I can vaguely remember.

16. “‘But I’m not ready for you to be my sister. I’m sorry, Willa, but I’m not.’ ‘I’m not Sweetbriar. You can’t just discard me'” 0 p. 193

Oh yes! From one of her step-sisters, and Willow stands up for herself and it was a great moment! 🙂

17. “‘This razorblade is my friend, my family. It’s what I turn to when I’m scared you won’t love me anymore'” – p. 240

18. “‘I couldn’t ask! I cut because I couldn’t ask for anything'” – p. 240

19. “‘They didn’t know anything. That’s why I cut. So no one would know anything'” 0 p. 241

This is when Willow comes clean to her parents and asks for help to see a therapist to stop her cutting.

20. “‘Mom? Not for Budge. For me.’ ‘For you. For me. For all of us” – p. 245

*Sniffle* This reminds me of MCU Loki. XD

And yeah, that’s about all!!

Don’t be to surprised if my future writing style for book reviews changes. Maybe it’s because I had nothing written down for this one but I feel a change may be in order…maybe I can even make a logo for them! Oooo. 🙂

Any who, I hope you enjoyed. I have about 10 other ones to keep putting out…. Oh vie.


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